Diner Dash: Hometown Hero is a follow up on the popular cooking/restaurant game Diner Dash: Flo on the Go, part of the Diner Dash franchise. After Flo's cruise kitchen adventures she has to save her hometown which has fallen to rack and ruin in her apparently untimely absence.

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero retains the fundamentals of the previous games. Flo starts by doing simple chores, like seating customers and serving them. By the end of the night she's cleaned tables and collected tips, and hopefully she has made enough money to go on to the next phase of the game.

Each step gets more difficult with more responsibilities required of Flo. However, as she succeeds in each venue they start improving. The amusement park, ball park, etc. are all getting increased people traffic as well as the surroundings. The countertops, tables, equipment, everything about the place show the upswing of bigger business.

Hometown Hero is more than another dash game. It allows you to personalize not only Flo and her accessories, but your waiter. Also, you are allowed to design your own restaurant, play it and upload it for others. You can challenge others to a waiter duel to see who gets the most money. There are so many extras it's hard to fathom wanting more in this great time management game, but you can get it!

For the first time you can also purchase (with your hard earned money in the real world) clothes and accessories for the game. Not only that but you can purchase whole new restaurants to play in all the modes – Story, Endless and Multiplayer to increase your playing enjoyment of playing Diner Dash: Hometown Hero.

This dash game provides the easy familiarity of the series, but exudes a freshness that makes it feel new and not a remake. Lots of fresh ideas and challenges keeps Diner Dash: Hometown Hero from feeling like you have to put out money for something you already owned. The best part is that the story is complete and a fun game to play. Whether you are in Story mode or in Endless mode you do not feel as if you have been deprived if you do not buy all the extras like some games leave you feeling. The extras really are superfluous to the rest of play and something to buy if you can't get enough of Diner Dash: Hometown Hero the way it is

Source by Kimberly Joy