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No Personal Information Required
3-day plan
Good value
Transparent Policies



Small Network


No iOS App

AirVPN is a low cost, reliable VPN with premium security features. What makes AirVPN different is their marketing towards user trust first, before features or price. They were started by a group of “activists, hacktivists, hackers in 2010. It started as a completely free service. Their background is explained in their “About Us” section on their website. AirVPN has developed or funded (, an online encryption tool, a net neutrality monitor, more). The network is of modest size, with 245 P2P-friendly servers in 22 countries. 

AirVPN does work with Netflix when tested. It can have a small speed reduction, which can cause the quality to drop a little bit. Every VPN causes at least a small speed drop. AirVPN operates a smaller server network than most VPNs. Even with the small server network, speeds were average to good. AirVPN can be used to torrenting & does not throttle P2P connections. The company doesn't keep any logs & we applaude it for that.

AirVPN does not offer a free trial on any of its services. If you’d like to test it out before subscribing, it offers a low-cost 3-day subscription. AirVPN allows for five simultaneous connections at once, which is standard for VPN services.

AirVPN accepts PayPal, credit cards, and multiple cryptocurrencies via direct wallet-to-wallet transfers including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge, and Monero.

AirVPN’s 256-bit encryption guarantees you the highest level of protection possible. 

AirVPN is a simple to use, low cost VPN, that lacks a lot of the interface features others VPNs have. For the price it is worth a look.

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About AirVPN

AirVPN started as a project of a very small group of activists, hacktivists, hackers in 2010, with the invaluable (and totally free) help of two fantastic lawyers and a financing from a company interested in the project and operated by the very same people.

AirVPN started as a completely free service for anyone in april 2010. Soon it added a commercial side aimed to keep the project financially sustainable, capable to support the impact of free access to activists in human rights hostile countries and ensure to the team a monetary basis which could allow a full-time dedication.

Initially AirVPN had two dedicated servers in one country and was operated by Iridium, a company which was born in 1998 and that employed, in the telecommunication field, only persons involved in digital or non-digital civil activism. Iridium took care of AirVPN until November 2012, when all the handling was progressively transferred to a dedicated company (Air) with the very same persons and policies (no changes for the customers, for the privacy and for the data protection, even the privacy legal responsible person is the same one).

Today, AirVPN is operated exclusively by activists, privacy, data protection and security issues aware persons, law experts with the help of the same lawyers, and counts more than 200 servers with high bandwidth lines and good or top hardware in 35 datacenters across 19 countries in 3 continents. The solidity of the infrastructure is enhanced literally every week, so that most attacks (UDP and TCP flood, DDoS…) that caused service issues in the first AirVPN year of life now remain totally unnoticed to the users.