The year is 2013…

Technology has expanded like nothing we've ever seen before and has merged more than ever with humans. Artificial intelligence, cloning and cybernetics along with stem cell research has created a gray area between what is “human” and what is “machine. People have artificial robot limbs, and robots have human parts, and learn to think more like humans, but process information quickly like machines. In late 2011 and early 2012, Apple has taken the iPad and integrated it with a gaming platform and 3d TV and brought you the I-TV after Sony created the PS Phone and PSP2 (iPad for gamers) in 2011. In response, Sony partnered with other smaller companies took 3d gaming and has made it portable. The development is now to go from simple eyewear that is used for 3d gaming, and instead make a contact lens. Although it's early, the future is clearly leading to something great. The 3d portable gaming network and the advancement of motion technology also allows access to internet and real world simulations that allow doctors to be to try open heart surgery in the virtual world before the finally do the real thing. More and more career opportunities will be available as anyone will be able to take a career training course in any field and train until they are given a high enough grade to qualify. This will make everyone have the opportunity to make the most out of themselves. If they don't like a job, they can take a training course and be offered a job and try a different field. If they are curious how they would do, they can try a simulation of another field and if they score really well they can know before they quit their job whether or not they are wanted more in that particular field. As a result, schools are needed less, and students can learn at a very young age the basic skills to be whatever they want to be. Because of this, society will get the best out of their employees.

It's 2013 and several companies have developed training courses for scores. Sports teams actively look to recruit sports players based on a score that measure's their sports intelligence in game situations, and they find it easier to find talent. Soon the technology will advance to allow teams to see the size and speed of players and anyone can either see that their dreams are out of reach and to find something else they can be passionate about, or see how they stack up against others and maybe they're good enough to work towards having a high enough score to go after their dreams. As a result, humans will soon reach skyrocketing new highs in productivity and more will be accomplished in this next decade than ever before by a huge margin. The basic stages of development which will lead to the creation of thought technology has begun and will allow everyone to upload their thoughts into sort of a matrix of ideas. A collective conscious mind will be able to be accessed. If you wonder anything about the world, someone who has an answer will provide access to their thoughts, until everyone achieves a greater sense of well being where there is no internal conflict or wonder about certain things.

Looking back over the last 5 years has everyone stunned at how far we have come. This new world of integrated intelligence will make the ability to think incredibly powerful, and soon after machines will be given artificial intelligence and be able to tap into this power to learn as well. A greater understanding is reached and when people are plugged in, they can become another person. Talks about real life avatar have begun as people want surrogate bodies and science fiction in only a few years will become a reality. It is clear we have reached a new age in which we will accomplish more than ever. Together with so much efficient and effective use of our time, we look towards the collective desire to help people as a reason to develop a free energy source that can power the world. We look for a pure clean energy source and innovative technology and we may have found it.

Meanwhile we work towards purifying water, and supplying that energy to everyone and that water to everyone. We work towards irrigating the most dry of lands into fertile soil where crops can be grown to feed everyone. The world collectively moves through and helps everyone and it won't be long until the entire world can access this matrix of information. Many have called this the “new internet”. Money still exists but only digitally and overtime there will be no physical cash as we can simply drive in a drive through press a button on our glasses or even think a thought and money will be transferred digitally. In the same way, invisible credit cards can be offered.

The world is an entire new place of joy and opportunity and wonder. After the last great war, this matrix of technology ended all wars as a mutual understanding was made, and everyone is now at peace. We all are aware of anything we want to be. Many people wonder what's next, and with a possible abundant supply of food and water as the technologies are completed, we can only look towards space and consider space travel and development of technology for such travel.

Gaming is like real life simulations, and within simulations there are even the ability to go from one simulation and jump into another

Children grow up not knowing what's real and what's not or at least more confused as the line between reality and simulation has gotten to be nearly invisible. Maybe when we dream we are simply interpreting this field of consciousness that has yet to exist. Maybe we are a part of this simulation ourselves and impulsive decisions are made by people living through us. With these simulations we are better able to understand dreams and ourselves.


Source by Mike Summers