There are times when I feel like throwing the radio down the window. The shrill voice of the singer just gets to my nerves and gives me a splitting headache. Are these words true and have you ever experienced them yourself. Chances are that most of you might have found such occasions if you listen to FM song channels regularly, especially those channels where new singers are given a chance to prove their worth and to show of their singing capability to others in the hope that a music director hears him or her and employs them.

The main reason behind this shrill voice is that they are holding the microphone too close to their mouth when singing the high scales. They have seen professional singers sing the same way and are trying to imitate them. These beginners should remember that the professional singers have voices matured by years of practice and they know when to lower their volume when singing high pitch notes while keeping the microphone close to their mouth. The beginners do not have such control over their voice and the end result is that their voice sounds more like a shrill than a mesmerizing and soothing one.

Remember to pull the microphone away from your mount before you sing a high note. The distance between your mouth and the microphone depends on your singing volume. It is best to test using the same singing volume and moving the microphone from close to your mouth and slowly moving it away. When you observe that the high notes are reproduced perfectly without your voice getting split, that is the correct distance to position the microphone.

It is exactly opposite when singing the low notes. While singing low notes, you should keep the microphone as close to your mouth as possible otherwise your voice and subtle nuances of the same will not reach the microphone at all. Try singing a line or two in the low scale and changing the notations from `do' upwards while keeping the microphone at a fair distance from your mouth and you will understand what is being pointed out. At some point or the other, especially when you are moving from one note to another, the mid note will be missed from being picked up by the microphone, resulting in splits and jerks in the song.

Again the professionals manage to pull this off perfectly well since they raise their singing volume while singing low notes. However, you should not attempt this technique at an early stage of your singing career. When you are confident enough, you can try out these tricks. One of the most important of singing tips for beginners is taking breathing exercises. There are many yoga lessons that will help you to control your breathing and it is imperative that you practice them. There are many sings which require you to sing a long line continuously without any break for breathing and the breathing exercises will help you with them.

Source by Amanda Nadalo