The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the biggest selling handset of 2011. Consumers were drawn to the excellent high quality display and the fast dual core processing power that the handset offered. The one negative aspect of this model however that it was not the most wallet friendly device with the phone retailing for a similar figure as the iPhone 4S. With this in mind Samsung have released the Galaxy R, a model that boasts some great features but at a more competitive price. We take a look at the photo gallery and music playback features that this model offers.

The Samsung Galaxy R comes supplied with the basic Android photograph gallery that is fitted on most recent Android devices. This gallery automatically finds all photo and video files that are stored on your phone regardless of their location. A clever feature also lets the handset link to a Picassa account and display any photos that you have uploaded. When viewing photographs all images are displayed in their full resolution meaning that you can view every detail that you have captured. If you want to zoom in on a particular area of the photography then a simple double tap on the screen will perform the task or you can opt to use the pinch to zoom method. The Galaxy R gives users some basic editing options from within the gallery so you can alter the appearance of your images. Crop and Rotate functions are both present in addition to some more advanced facilities that enable you to apply a variety of different effects. Numerous sharing options are available including the facility to send you files via Bluetooth or Email. The handset also supports DNLA which means that images can be viewed on another compatible device that is connected to your home network.

Thanks to the large storage capacity present on modern handsets many users are using their devices as portable audio players and the Samsung Galaxy R is one of the very best in this area. The phone makes use of the music player that has been developed as part of the TouchWiz user interface. This facility gives users plenty of control over how their music sounds thanks to a variety of preset sound settings as well as the option to add your own customised setting. The player users DNSe technology to enhance the sound and help the Galaxy R produce audio that you would not expect from a device as small as a mobile phone. When browsing through your music there are four different categories to help you find the song or album that you require. These categories are Playlists, Albums and Artists while there is also a selection that lets you view your entire collection of tracks in alphabetical order. Full album artwork is supported by the phone and this is displayed while you are listening to a track. If you prefer you have the option to replace this artwork with an equalizer to enable you to make quick adjustments to how your music sounds.

The Samsung Galaxy R is a great mobile phone that will appeal to consumers who want great value for money and some excellent features. The device offers an excellent photo gallery that makes viewing images a simple affair while the music player is also easy to use and gives you full control over how your music sounds.

Source by Matthew Bruen