Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are officially revealed. There will be many comparisons and reviews and you may change your mind a few times before you decide to buy one. Judging by the information gathered from both events, we decided to make our version of comparison.


Both gaming consoles are using almost the same hardware specs inside their bodies. The only difference is in the RAM type. The PS4 uses GDDR5 8GB RAM and the Xbox One uses 8GB DDR3 RAM.

The GPU on the PS4 could perform 50% better than the Xbox One With the faster graphic memory you will get a better gaming experience on the PS4. Xbox One gave better real-time graphics.


Both controllers have been redesigned and they look better than their predecessors.

The PS4 controller includes a clickable touch pad, which will give developers better options when they design a game. On the front side of it, you can see the light bar which enables the motion control placed on the PS4. From here, the Eye camera tracks the controller position and does some adjustments during multiplayer gaming. For accomplishing this, Xbox One is using Kinect help and auto-tracks the person who holds the controller. PS4 controller has Share button, headphone jack and speaker.

For connecting the controller, Xbox One is using Wi-Fi Direct while PS4 is using Bluetooth 2.1. Xbox One leads in this round, because Wi-Fi Direct is using 250Mbps and Bluetooth 2.1 is using 3Mbps maximum speed.

Voice control and motion

The Xbox One will be “awake” all the time and you just need to say “Xbox On” and the machine will be ready for gaming. Signing on to your account has never been easier because Xbox one uses facial recognition to do that. Sony has announced that its camera will have the similar facial recognition feature.

Price and availability

We can expect the Xbox One launch in November for a price of $499. The PS4 will be available on the market right before the holidays for $399. If you choose the PS4 over the Xbox One, in 2014 you will get the cloud gaming service. This will offer you a catalog of PS3 games which are compatible with PS4. It seems, PlayStation 4 will be the better choice because Microsoft has no plans for its gaming console.

Other features

Playing used games is not offered by the Xbox One and it requires check-ins to play a game. PS4 users can play games offline as long as they like.

Although PS4 came out as the better console in this battle, let's give Xbox a try to see which gaming experience we liked better.

Source by Wayne John Bond