The Active Life: Outdoor Challenge rivals the Nintendo Wii Fit for burning calories and will definitely help you lose weight. It is actually a lot more fun than Wii Fit. I have incorporated this into my Nintendo Wii exercise regime. I exercise three days in a row. I use Wii Fit the first day. On the second day I will use Wii Sports Boxing. On the third day I will use Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. on the fourth day I will take a rest, or play another one of the Nintendo Wii sports games.

While Wii Fit is still the formidable seller for the Nintendo Wii, the Outdoor Challenge is a close second. Not only is it fun, but it also provides you with a good aerobics workout. Especially the Timber Trail game, which I utilize the most with Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. It can keep you running and jumping.

Always consult with a Doctor, before you undergo any exercise regime, and if you have never exercised before. You should also do some stretching exercises before you start playing the game. One of the problems that participants have is not stopping when they should quit playing the games. It is like a real physical workout.. You should loosen up before you start playing the games, or you could succumbed to what the The New England Journal of Medicine calls Acute Wiitis. This injury is generally isolated to the Nintendo Wii because of its realistic simulation with sports.

You will be using a Namco Bandai's control mat, which comes with the Outdoor Challenge game and plugs into one of the GameCube ports on top of the Wii. The mat is a little more sophisticated than the traditional dance mats. The Active Life: Outdoor Challenge mat has six direction arrows plus button pads so two players can use it at the same time. The mat is divided into two sets of four button inputs: a blue side and an amber side for two people. For two player events, both the two players would be on the same mat One person takes the blue side and the other player would take the amber side. If you're want to play in single player mode, you would put your feet in the center point and tap the appropriate buttons by stepping down on them. The game only uses one mat. You won't be able to bring your own personal mat over for the two person competition.

A good aerobics exercise is the Timber Trail game. On its training setting the route is straight with few obstacles, so reaching the goal is simply a case of running on the spot as quickly as possible. As you go through higher levels in the game, the chasms and the other obstacles are introduced you must either jump over – by literally jumping in the air – or dodge from side to side, by dodging from one set of directions arrows on the mat to the next set of arrows. The mat is incredibly more durable than the Wii Fit board – you can stamp on it and it'll stand firm. Many people find that if they put a yoga mat under the Outdoor Challenge mat, the mat will not move around. You can literally abuse this mat, something you can not do with the Wii Fit balance board. This game will put you through your aerobic paces. This is my favorite aerobics exercise. You can push yourself as hard as you want.

In addition to the 12 or more mini-games, such as the mine cart, river rafting, etc, there's also an exercise training programme that gives you challenges depending on the type of fitness you want to achieve. Most of these are cardiovascular exercises but because you really can give the mat a pummelling – rather than worry about breaking it – there's every chance you'll work up a sweat

Source by Richard McDuff