Major Features Supported by the Nokia E63-2

*Support for Email

*Support for mobile messaging

*Instant messaging support such as AIM or Yahoo

*Internal memory of 110 Megabytes and drive space of 8 Gigabytes

*Many different applications like PDF Viewer, Adobe Reader, ZIP Compression software, Flash Lite, Nokia Maps, and an office program called QuickOffice

*Micro USB connector that runs at full speed

*Remote or local sync

*Support for FM radio

* Nokia Ovi Files service

*Bluetooth 2.0 Support


*United States version unlocks GSM cell phone frequencies with 850/900/1800/1900.

*Phone features 3G Compatibility with 850/1900 UMTS/HSDPA data

*11 full hours of talk time

*Eighteen days of standby(non-use)

*Phone provides access to both personal as well as business e-mail

*Phone features a full standard QWERTY keyboard

*Full Wi-Fi Networking Capabilities

*Bluetooth powered stereo

*2 megapixel camera and camcorder

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia E63-2


1. The QWERTY keyboard is very good.

2. Wifi

3. The battery life is great. If you leave your smartphone uncharged, the battery will last a week.

4. Email service is free of charge.

5. Supports syncing with many different devices such as Bluetooth and PDA

6. Affordable compared to other smartphones on the market.

7. Full music functionality

8. The reception is great and you won't have any problem staying on the phone, no matter where you are.

9. Crystal clear sound with built-in Bluetooth stereo music.

10. The display for this phone is beautiful.


1. The quality of the digital camera is substandard. You'll find that it makes too much noise, even in an outdoor environment.

2. There is a Micro USB cable that you can use with this device, but it is not in the package that you originally buy. You will in fact have to seek this thing out, and it is very hard to find. It's quite a bit costly when you do find it, and it's about $125. The data transfers a lot faster with this cable than it does with bluetooth, and that is why it is important that you find it.

3. There is no way to control the volume

4.The smartphone will occasionally crash and reboot itself.

5. Apps are not free.

6.Does not have a GPS, so if you get lost you are simply out of luck.

7. CDMA Carriers such as Alltel, Verizon Wireless and Sprint are not supported.


One of the best unlocked smartphones on the market. For under $199 or $150 with a rebate, you are getting more bang for your buck! You do not have to worry about a two-year contract because it is not required.

This is an overall great product. There are many phones on the market that just do not deliver what they promise, and you can be rest assured that the Nokie E63-2 delivers on every single thing that it promises. If you want a great phone that's affordable and full of features that you can actually use, then you should get the E63-2.

Source by R. Manns