It is features of a product that make it unique. Similarly, different features of a tool that make it truly versatile in its functioning make it highly essential in your tool kit. You must have known about the different features of a wood router. What makes a wood router truly unique? Undoubtedly, the versatile functions it can perform in the hands of a professional make it unique.

Let me illustrate some of the basic features of wood routers that make them truly valuable.

  1. Powerful motor: It is the power of the motor that decides the capacity of the router. It is measured based on the rotations it makes in a minute. There are motors that can make the router run with speeds of 8,000 to 25,000 rotations per minute.
  2. Variable speed dial: It helps in fixing the speed you want to have. It allows you to fix matching speed to the work you are doing. The speed you choose depends on the task and the toughness of the wood and the depth of cutting etc.
  3. Soft-start: It is one of the most useful features of wood router. It reduces the torque at the beginning of the work. Moreover, it allows you to cut precisely and accurately without wasting the material. It gives you an ideal start in cutting the wood.
  4. Constant-Response Circuitry: It is one of the unique features that make the wood router really useful. It keeps the speed levels constantly and prevents falling speed limits. It helps in making the cuts precisely and accurately.
  5. Quick Clamp System: The quick clamp system makes it easy to change the base according to the requirements in the work. You can convert the router from fixed base to plunge router within a few seconds.
  6. Micro-fine bit depth adjustment system: As the name suggests, it allows you to adjust the bits very precisely as per your requirements. It permits to change the adjustments 1/64 inch at one time. Its precise adjustment system leads to better quality in work.
  7. Contoured Soft Grip Handles: These handles help you to have perfect control over the router. Moreover, they are more comfortable and convenient to hold the routers and allow you to work for longer periods of time without any strain to your hands.
  8. Wide base openings & Sub-base Openings: These bases allow you to have greater visibility while you are working with the routers. You can even use larger bits for cutting through the wood. They make the router more convenient to use.
  9. Double insulated: The double insulated wood routers provide you greater safety and allow you to work without any worry.
  10. Rugged Carrying case: The rugged carrying case allows it keep all the parts in it and take it wherever you want to. It ruggedness guarantees the tool from wear and tear. It is very useful.

These features of wood routers make them versatile and highly capable tools in the hands of experienced workmen. I strongly recommend going for the wood routers that have the above features. They make the tool unique and make your work perfect.

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Source by Muhammad M Javed