It was every girl's dream to own a Barbie doll. This famous doll had passed on from generations to generations and has been popularized all over the world. However, Mattel was faced with the challenge of producing more than just dolls under its banner.

Just like Sanrio's Hello Kitty, Mattel's Barbie needed expansion. Now, your little girl will not just aspire for a doll from the manufacturer. In fact you may give her another gift through the Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer.

Starting with Mattel's Inkjet printer

This digital nail printer works like the Inkjet printers you know in the market. It makes use of the thermal Inkjet technology. The basic feature of this gadget is to provide both young girls and grown-ups with intricate nail designs that are impossible for one to achieve through manual work. In fact, the printer has hundreds of nail designs that will suit your mood. Before you have your nails painted, learn about how to get started with the product:

1. Get it out of the box and put the pieces together. The Barbie digital nail printer comes in a package which separates the printer ink from that of the printer. You have to install that first before you move on with the nail painting process. Read installation instructions from the package.

2. Download the special software. This is commonly compatible with a Windows Vista operated PC. If you have an internet connection, it is possible for you to download more nail designs aside from what is found in the software.

3. There is a camera that should be calibrated with the printer. There is a card that indicates the calibration. The camera calibration is quite complicated so if you are not sure you can do the job, just call out to someone for help.

Using the Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer

After setting-up the software and calibrating the camera, the Inkjet printer can be utilized for its purpose. Here are steps to follow:

1. Take a picture of your fingers where the nail designs will be placed later on. This will serve as your guide while picking the design you want and in manipulating the image you are going to print. Readjust the size and colors depending on your needs.

2. It's time to print. Do this by inserting your target finger in the nail printer. Position it according to the design image that pops out on the screen before you print. If you want the whole process to work easy, stay still. Otherwise, you will end up repeating the whole process without getting your nails done.

3. Apply your nail polish. Also known as the nail ink, this comes with a base coat, a special bonding coat and a top coat.

Although the nail polish does not stay long, you may always experiment doing the process with Mattel's Inkjet printer and have the printer work for you for a hundred times. Purchase it at a price of $179.99 with the ink cartridge costing $10. The three bottles of nail polish can also be purchased at $10 each.

Source by John C Arkinn