The article intends to describe the procedure of disabling DHCP on a Linksys router. The methods described in the article are reliable and correct to the date. It is still recommended that users follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid facing any common Linksys router problem.

All the wireless routers including Linksys use DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) to obtain the IP (internet protocol) address for a connected device like computer or router etc. DHCP facilitates a user by minimizing the efforts involved in manual network configuration that requires device(s) to be plugged into the network and then removed.

You may want to disable the DHCP function in your Linksys router due to unwanted network issues, troublesome VOIP network, or the need of connecting another router among other reasons. Below is the comprehensive guide that will help you disable the DHCP function in your Linksys router without the help of Linksys router support.


If it is a wireless connection that you are using on your computer, then make it a wired connection by connecting an Ethernet cable with one end running into the computer and the other in the router.

Open up your internet browser, enter ‘' (without quotes and as is) in the address bar of the browser, and hit Enter on the keyboard to reach the login page.

When the router login page comes up, enter your user name and password in the respective fields and click on the OK or Login button (whatever you see there) to proceed to the router settings. It is to must to enter the correct credentials like username and password. Failing of which will not let you login and access the router configuration settings. Usually the default username is blank in Linksys routers and the password is ‘admin'. However, it is strongly recommended that you check your documents (manual) that came with the router before entering anything.

Once logged into the router configuration, click on the Setup tab or option. Click to select Disable under Network Setup in the Basic Setup tab. Click on the Save Settings button at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

You may also see a DHCP tab or a DHCP Server check box in your router configuration page depending on the version or type of firmware you have in your router. If you see DHCP Server with an option next to it to enable or disable, then click on the Disable button. Click on the Apply button to save the changes and exit all the windows to let the changes take place.

Source by Kumar Gandharva Jha