Epson is an industry leader in printing technology. Epson's inkjet printers produce high quality text and graphics at a very affordable price. The low cost of an ink cartridge for some of Epson's most popular printer models ensures that the company will continue to have a very loyal user base. Inkjet printing technology has evolved over time, making it the preferred printing modality for budget minded users. Here's some information about a widely used ink cartridge, the Epson T0611.

Overall Rating:

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Key Features:

The Epson T0611 black ink cartridge is compatible with Epson the following models: Stylus D68 Photo and D88 Photo. The Stylus All-in-One DX3800, DX3850, DX4200, DX4250, DX4800, DX4850 also take this monochrome cartridge. The text and graphics produced by the T0611 are both fade resistant and water resistant. Images also are smudge proof. Do remember that output from an inkjet printer is susceptible to heat and humidity exposure, both of which can adversely affect print or image longevity. In fact, the ink actually may “move,” which can disrupt the balance and sharpness of the printed text or graphics. To help prevent this, be sure to store your printouts in a cool, dry area that is not subject to extreme temperature fluctuations.


About £9.97

Product Description:

This is a standard black ink cartridge that is recommended for Epson printers. Like other inkjet cartridges, it works by depositing a measured amount of ink by way of a tiny nozzle onto paper or other substrates. For best results, use a quality paper that's been specifically engineered for inkjet printers. Remember that images on glossy papers or papers that have been enhanced with optical brighteners may react adversely to environmental factors like particles in the air or UV (ultraviolet) light. Such factors may degrade the printout quality over the long term.

Product Specifications:

The Epson T0611 ink cartridge is 13cm deep x 12cm wide x 3cm high. It weighs 50 grams. The cartridge contains DURABrite ink, which is a major advance in printing technology. DURABrite ink creates a gloss effect in the printed output. The images also are durable and resistant to light, gas, and oil. DURABrite ink delivers superior results on a good range of paper types and paper quality.


The Epson T0611 monochrome black ink cartridge is a quality product from an iconic leader in the computer printer industry.

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