Telephone cables are generally installed by telephone department staff members efficient in installation work. Installation of telephone cable up to the outer walls of buildings is generally treated as telephone network of the telephone department. Here we shall look at installation of telephone cable inside the building.

Things Required To install perfectly we require some basic tools such as a good quality cable of required length and durability, required number of wall jacks, screw driver, wire stripper and one drilling machine for making holes into the walls.

Things to Consider While Installing:

There are different points of connections while spreading the cables. Firstly, the telephone cable connection from telephone network point of your area to the main jack box of the building is to be connected, which is the duty of the telephone department. Then the connection is to be made from this main phone jack to the portion of your home or flat's exterior wall. Many building owners are conscious of providing for telephone connections without damaging the decor of walls by providing the phone jack points at the time of construction of the building itself. So the jack might already be there.

When you are fixing the wall jack, make a small and sufficient hole with the drill in the wall, at the point where you wish to fix the jack. Then draw the cable from the main jack of the building to this point of jack. Connect the exterior end to the main jack of the building cautiously and carefully by stripping the cable end with the help of stripper.

While connecting the points, you may get current shock. So better use leather hand gloves and wear shoes, while doing the work. The other end of the telephone cable which has been drawn through the hole is also to be stripped and then connected to the wall jack securely tightening the tips to the screws with the help of screw driver. Then fix the wall jack into the hole. Make sure that the surface of wall jack is parallel with the surface of the wall so that decor of the wall is not tarnished.

Now connect the cable from the base of the phone to the wall jack with a plug. One end is connected with the phone base and the other end with wall jack. Both end tips are first stripped like wise and then tightened with screw driver to the pin plugs and inserted into the sockets of phone base and wall jack. Check the connections of the base phone to phone receiver and handsets also. Ensure all connections are fastened tightly and your phone is ready.

Advantages of Telephone Cables:

Using of telephone cable ensures safety. These are very easy to spread wherever needed without the danger of current shocks. They are very flexible and durable and do not easily damage even if twisted or entangled. Moreover, telephone cable is water proof and so a very safe option as against other wires.

Source by Anamika Swami