Believe the unbelievable! And create the impossible! This is the nature of Growth Stars. They do it because it's fun. It is like discovering a new toy.

The Wright Brothers were credited with building and inventing the world's first successful airplane. The Wright Brothers were not the ones who first built and flew experimental aircraft but they were the ones who first to invented aircraft controls that made fixed-wing powered flight possible, allowing planes to fly a longer distance and time.

Wilbur Wright was born on 16 April 1867 at 1 a. m. His BaZi chart is shown below.

Wilbur Wright's BaZi Chart contains Ding Mao in the Year Pillar, Jia Chen in the Month Pillar, Bing Yin in the Day Pillar and Yi Wei in the Hour Pillar ([Hour] Yi Wei | [Day] Bing Yin | [Month] Jia Chen | [Year]).

While the younger brother, Orville Wright, was born on 19 August 1871 at 5 p. m. Below is his BaZi chart.

Orville Wright's BaZi Chart contains Xin Wei in the Year Pillar, Bing Shen in the Month Pillar, Ren Chen in the Day Pillar and Gui Mao in the Hour Pillar ([Hour] Gui Mao | [Day] Ren Chen | [Month] Bing Shen | [Year] Xin Wei).

While both brothers had the spirit of creation of the Growth Star, they lacked the friendliness and joyfulness among peers which should be found in a Growth Star personality. This was because both of their Growth Stars were also Indirect Resources Star. Both brothers were known to shy away from the crowd and the lime light.

Whilst both brothers were equally recognised for inventing the airplane, it was Wilbur who was actually the idea man and the force behind making the idea a reality. Wilbur's BaZi chart showed an Eating God Structure which denotes a talent as a creator. Both his Direct Resource and Indirect Resource Stars penetrated to the stems showing a strong analytical skill. The influence of both Resource Stars enabled him to come out with creative ideas and transform it into realistic form, method or system with supporting facts and data. This is the flow of yin to yang of Indirect to Direct Resource star and vice versa.

Orville, although with an Indirect Resource Structure in his Bazi chart, was more of an entrepreneur than a creator due the influence of the Indirect Wealth Star on the stem of the month as well as the Seven Killing Star on the day branch. This was seen in him starting off a printing business, later joined by Wilbur. Together they opened a bicycle repair and sale shop and started manufacturing their own bicycles, capitalising on the bicycle craze at that time. It was always Orville and hissister, Katherine Wright, who signed off all the important documents in the airplane manufacturing business.

Although, the Wright Brothers were credited for inventing the plane, it was their sister, Katherine Wright, who really showed-off the Growth Star spirit. She was born on 19 August 1874, time unknown. Below was her BaZi chart.

Katherine Wright's BaZi Chart contains Jia Xu in the Year Pillar, Ren Shen in the Month Pillar, Wu Shen in the Day Pillar and Hour Pillar unknown ([Hour] — | [Day] Wu Shen | [Month] Ren Shen | [Year] Jia Xu).

Katherine was the one who organised her two brothers' social affairs which were mess due to their shy natures. Being far more outgoing and charming than her brothers, Katherine dominated the social scene. The French press christened her “the third Wright brother” and she received the Legion of Honour from them. She became the connection between her two shy brothers and the outside world.

The three became the great pack of the Bing, Wu and Ren, the three stems that are always good to be seen together. They never separated until Wilbur died of typhoid fever and later Katherine married her childhood sweetheart Henry Haskell at the age of 52. His brother, Orville, saw her marriage as a betrayal and disowned her.

Gossip Column

With so many Indirect Resource Stars and Eating God Stars in Wilbur, Orville and Katherine's BaZi chart, their strong bond looked rather unusual.

Wilbur Wright's BaZi chart also shared some similarity with Adolf Hitler's who was rumoured to have sexual fetishes that affected the mental well-being of his close partners. The Wright brothers never married. Why Orville had such a strong reaction to his sister's marriage was a real puzzle.

Source by Josephine Phang