Truxedo Tonneau covers, some call them Truxedo truck bed covers, are a unique line of soft lids that camouflage the storage area of a pickup and seal using a unique system of industrial Velcro connectors. This particular accessory serves to minimize the effects of gas-guzzling drag by instantly furnishing a concealed storage area within the truck's bed. Although many truck cover styles can be purchased locally or online, it appears that Truxedo Tonneau covers are available in an array of styles, each of which provides the driver easy access to the pick-up truck's storage area.

Various metal, plastic or fiberglass truck bed covers can be elevated and held up in the air using metal or fibreglass staffs, similar to the poles that hold most car hoods straight up. Certain cover variations competing with Truxedo Tonneau covers are retractable in nature. Such retracting tops feature panels that move smoothly back and forth letting users load or procure merchandise from the pickup bed. Still other retractable Tonneau tops are made of softer goods similar to vinyl and retract into a canister should anyone need to enter the truck bed.

Truxedo Tonneau covers decrease the vehicle's drag having a direct impact by improving gas mileage. Since Truxedo truck bed covers seal off the truck storage box, that rushing wind can't go into the cargo area, encountering zero resistance at the tailgate of the pickup bed. At one time, pickup truck drivers were provided with a choice of displacing the basic metal pick-up tailgate with a mesh-type fabric tailgate to minimize the effects of drag.

While such fabric tailgate options do tend to minimize wind resistance, they don't grant the same security for cargo in the tailgate end of of the pick-up as does a Truxedo Tonneau cover. A fabric net is not as hearty as the steel tailgate and it will degrade much more easily. Nets also have a tendency to detach, leaving articles to fly from the pick-up bed especially if the truck is being driven at high speeds. Tailgate nets also debase the looks of the pick-up, making it seem shoddy or second-rate. Truxedo truck bed covers dispense more protection, whilst affording your truck a really high-class look.

A few Truxedo Tonneau covers include:

TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover – custom made to fit your specific truck, there are no cumbersome snaps, zippers or clips, just a smooth sealing heavy-duty Velcro system. This top utilizes flat cross supports versus bowed adding to the classic flush look. Easy to use manual tension control keeps the tarp taut in all weather

also adding to improved gas mileage. Each TruXport also boasts a locking mechanism under the tarp, especially effective when coupled with a locking tailgate. Similar to other covers, the installation is 100% clamp on – no drilling required and its covered by a five year warranty.

Deuce Tonneau Cover – this particular Tonneau can be folded open from the front or rolled open from the back for easy access to any truck bed. Includes twin Velcro strips along the edges for a tighter seal and a heavy-duty tarp to ensure greater protection from the elements. The cross supports are attached to the tarp making it extra easy to roll the entire assembly into a stored position. Manufacturer claims an easy 15-20 minute installation to go along with a lifetime warranty. We really like this for the ease of getting stuff in and out of the truck bed.

Other models include the Soft Roll-Up Tonneau, Truxedo's flagship cover; the Lo Pro QT Harley-Davidson Soft Roll-Up Tonneau features a full-size HD logo emblazoned across the tarp; and the TruxedoPlus Tonneau Cover with Toolbox blends the two elements into one nice looking top. This definitely adds a greater element of “usability” to an otherwise average soft Tonneau cover.

Conveying pickup truck security plus bold good looks, Truxedo Tonneau covers remain a top-priority investment investment for a vast number of pickup truck owners.

Source by Eric Weeks