A breathalyzer is used to measure the alcohol content in ones breath. For years it has been used to measure and analyze the blood alcohol level and also the level of alcohol in ones breath. Cops all over the world make use of breathalyzers to measure the amount of alcohol consumed by an individual. Mostly during festivals cops take up measures for strict checking of people driving and riding.

A breathalyzer help an individual to analyze the level of alcohol in his breath and tell him if it appropriate for him to drive. It helps an individual to act responsibly. Hence, portable breathalyzers should be carried by people who cannot stop or control their drinking habits.

The leading brand of breathalyzers is ‘AlcoHAWK'. The different types of AlcoHAWK breathalyzers are AlcoHAWK One Test – 10 Pack, AlcoHAWK Slim, AlcoHAWK Slim Ultra, AlcoHAWK ABI, AlcoHAWK PRO, AlcoHAWK Elite, AlcoHAWK PT500, AlcoHAWK PT500 Pro Kit, AlcoHAWK OneTest – 50 Pack, AlcoHAWK PT500P, AlcoHAWK PT500P Pro Kit.

The accessories provided with different AlcoHAWK breathalyzers are Mouthpieces For AlcoHAWK Pro or ABI -(10 Pack), Mouthpieces For AlcoHAWK precision/Elite/PT500 (10 pack), Mouthpieces For AlcoHAWK Slim- (10 pack), Car Charger For AlcoHAWK series Breathalyzers, Wall Adapter For AlcoHAWK Series Breathalyzers, Mouthpieces For AlcoHAWK Pro or ABI -(50 Pack), Mouthpieces For AlcoHAWK precision/Elite/PT500 (50 pack), Mouthpieces For AlcoHAWK Slim- (50 pack), AlcoHAWK Hard Cover Case for ABI or PRO, and AlcoHAWK PT Series Wireless Printer.

A breathalyzer doesn't measure blood alcohol level directly. For measuring the blood alcohol level blood sample is required. So a breathalyzer only analyses the alcohol level in ones breath. A portable breathalyzer is used by the officers to test the sobriety of people the tests they conduct are called as PBT (preliminary breath test) or PAS (preliminary alcohol screening) or POA (point of arrest) testing.

The breathalyzers available for purchase for normal consumer are less expensive and less appropriate. They don't measure the actual amount of alcohol consumed. These devices are not appropriate for legal use i.e. for the officers. They are less expensive and not very appropriate because semiconductor-based sensing technology is used in these testers.

The readings obtained from breathalyzers are not always accurate as various components also influence its readings. For example temperature, breathing pattern, alcohol from stomach, etc. sometimes the result may be higher than the actual or lower.

Some people believe that eating mint, onions or using mouthwash will reduce the BAC but this is false. A breathalyzer measures the alcohol level even on consumption of mint, use of mouthwash, etc. the things can fool normal human beings but not a breathalyzer.

Hence this device has proved to be very useful to everyone who's prone to consuming alcohol and also for efficient testing.

Source by Richard W Wilson