When you system is connected to the internet, it makes use of an IP Address. The Internet protocol Address is a unique number that is assigned to the system which is used to identify every individual system on the internet. For example, if you access any page on the internet, they recognize your system through this address.

NAT devices make use of the IP Address as the default address for communication purposes. This address was created to resolve the problem of Address shortage.

When systems are individually connected to the internet, each system requires an IP Address. When they are connected to a router which is in turn connected to the internet, only the router's IP Address needs to be used. This internet protocol address was created for the purpose of simplifying IP usage and reduces the need for a large number of IP Addresses.

The Linksys brand of routers makes use of the IP Address. This address is set as the default address by the device manufacturer, but you also have the option to change the address at anytime. It is to be noted that though IP address is the default address used by most broadband users, not all broadband users need to set it as their default Address. It is usually set as the default IP Address by router manufacturers for the purpose of providing a standardized computing environment and also for the purpose of making network setup an easy task.

You can easily access IP address by just typing it in your web browser and then by pressing enter. This action will take you to the site. However, before you proceed to make changes to your system settings, it is best to take a backup of the system settings so that you know how to restore the settings, in case of any mistake while changing.

Source by Dennis Moore Hopkins