Have you ever wondered about what makes one ID card different from another? Of course, you may not be able to put your finger on the difference but you have the feeling that there is something different about the two ID cards, even if they are designed and produced the same way. In most cases, the difference between two ID cards is the papers that are used to make the two cards. The synthetic paper is one of the papers that you can ever use in making your ID card look professional.

There is Teslin paper and Artisyn paper and these are the answer to producing PVC card superior ID cards. The Teslin paper and the Artisyn paper are silica supported synthetic papers that are designed to suck up and bind irrevocably to the ink, thereby creating a kind of printed representation that is of high quality, water proof, and very durable. Using the synthetic paper in making your identification cards does not only make your ID cards look professional but stylish in a unique way. Many people are of the opinion that any paper can be used in making their ID cards since they feel all printing sheets are the same. But the fact is that the synthetic paper is the best among the lots as it gives the quality which you can only get from a synthetic paper.

After printing your identification card template on the Artisyn paper or the Teslin paper with the use of any normal laser desktop printer or inkjet, you can then cut the ID card out and place it into the butterfly pouch. This is when the lamination process is carried out. The purpose of the lamination is to ensure that the Teslin paper or the Artisyn paper synthetic sheet solidify and fasten firmly with the plastic butterfly pouch, thereby forming a stiff PVC card quality identification card. There are different types of Artisyn papers and Teslin papers in the market and you just have to determine the one that is right for your purpose.

The synthetic paper, that is, Artisyn and Teslin papers, are obtainable in ten millimeters thickness. You can purchase the Teslin paper sheets as 1 up, full sheets, or 8- up perforated sheet. Buying any of these eliminate the process of cutting the papers as that has already been done. Artisyn paper on the other hand is a more flexible product and as such, it can produce higher quality outputs with most of the printers. Artisyn synthetic paper is well-suited with both laser printer and inkjet, depending on the one you have. There are two grades of Teslin synthetic paper and each of them functions with different printers. There is one for laser printer and the other one is for inkjet.

You can get these synthetic papers from the online stores. All you have to do is to use the search engine to search for Teslin paper or Artisyn paper and you would be redirected to the website. It is important for you to know that these papers are the best in making your ID cards.

Source by Jacob Chism