If you are tired of your iPhone plain vanilla look then you might want to take a peek at the latest accessories in the market today. These accessories will not only make your phone look cool, it will also turn your device to becoming your new best friend. Below are just some of the latest accessories sold in the market today that would definitely enrich your mobile experience.

Smart Remote Control

When was the last time that you have total control of your remote? Do you often find yourself misplacing it? You can turn your phone into a universal remote control and have a total say on all your media devices. One example of this equipment is the Pronto Peel Smart Control. The device has a smart pairing feature that connects the phone with all the other media devices enabling you to control them even from afar.

Health Guide

Another great accessory that you can combine with your phone is a health tracker. This wearable technology monitors your health by tracking vital signs and sending the wearer a notification when changes are noted. The Spire is just one of the popular products today that works great with the iOS. The clip is noticeably smaller making it a comfortable wear. The clip tracks the wearer's breathing pattern and sends notifications to the mobile device when changes are noted. Aside from breathing patterns, owners can also track their daily steps making it easier for them to add more exercise to keep healthy.

Switching on Day and Night Lights

Aside from controlling media devices, some equipment also allow owners to control their home lights, changing moods, lighting and even turning it on and off. Incipio's Wireless Smart lamp adapter allows one to toggle lights or even preset it for different moods. Since the adapter makes use of the home's WiFi connections, home owners can remotely access their home through their phone even if they are away on a vacation. This increases security as it prevents thieves from entering the home.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Your phone can be a remote control or even a health monitor, but it can also lose power when used frequently. One way to ensure that you never run out of steam is to have a battery pack on hand. Some battery packs would require you to charge it by plugging it to a socket; however, latest ones now also allow you to charge it directly from the sun. Goal Zero Recharger pack allows users to charge it either through harnessing the sun's rays or plugging it directly to an electric socket.

Source by Francheska Craig