You get your Wii home and you break it out of the box and start setting it up. Everything is going according to plan and everything seems to be working just fine. Now you are working on connecting your Wii console to get it online using a wireless router and then all of a sudden you get an error code either 209600 or 209601. If you do not know what these are they are error codes related to your wireless router. So what do you do? You play the Wii, but have you ever fixed your Wii? Well, here are some things you can do to fix this issue. Make sure that you are using a high speed internet connection like cable, DSL, or even fiber optic lines. The fact is that slower internet connections like dial up can cause with the Wii and your router and cause them not to work correctly.

Make sure that there is nothing interfering with your router connection. Things like microwave ovens and cell phones and wireless computer hardware like keyboards and mice can affect communications with your router. If you still can't establish communication with your Wii and router then try disabling your firewall settings as the firewall may be blocking ports you need to make the connection work. If this works then great! If not then try switching the channels on the router from 1 to 11. Switching the channels can increase your download speeds dramatically. Always double check your settings by testing both channels to see which is the faster of the two.

Some routers have a firewall called SPI firewall. This is common on Netgear routers. If you are using a Netgear router then disable the SPI firewall setting under the WAN Setting of the router itself. If you want to use WI-FI on your Wii console and you are using the USB connector and one of listed error codes pops up then check your PC to see if your security software, firewalls and anti-spy/anti-virus software programs are running. If they are then exit them one at a time until you get a connection.

Here is a good one! Add these programs to the firewalls list of trusted programs:

1.The Nintendo WI-FI USB connector also called NintendoWFCReg.exe

2.The Setup.exe for when installing the Wii USB connector.



Source by Richard L. Blaine