The newest release in the Stylus Pro series from Epson is a 24-inch, professional wide-format printer that combines forward-thinking designs with new 8 -color ink technology, that is able to achieve print quality that is unprecedented in the market. The Stylus Pro 7800 comes with UltraChrome K3 ink technology. This next-generation pigment ink incorporates eight new color pigments, which features a stunning three-level black ink. The addition of this new three-level black ink is guaranteed to drastically enhance the quality of all black and white printing done with this new printer.

The Epson 7800 is able to produce archival prints with incredible color fidelity, gloss-level performance, and scratch resistant images. The 7800 will also yield consistently stable colors that are guaranteed to outperform the competition. This printer has proven only to create the most professional neutral and toned black and white prints imaginable. These images have higher density levels than those of its competition and produce almost no metamerism or bronzing.

Any dedicated professional will have to pick up the Epson Stylus Pro 7800. This printer features an inventive one-inch wide printhead that achieves almost double the print performance of the previous model line. Furthermore, the 7800 is capable of reaching a resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi to produce a level of image quality that transcends that of anything ever seen. Any media type up to 24-inches wide is compatible with this printer, in roll or cut sheet. Time after time Epson proves why it leads the industry in producing the finest photography and fine art reproduction with its products.

Source by Bill Spiez