Less than a day ago, Apple has already launched their latest offering from the iPhone product line: the iPhone 4S. It is a phone that is packed with some of the newest features that you can get from a smart phone. However, despite its new features, it has been met with mixed reviews.

So if you want to look at the features of the iPhone 4s in full view, here are a couple of positive and negative features that were seen as the iPhone 4S was made available to the public.

iPhone 4S Positive Reactions

Throughout the years, iPhone reveled in the glory of being one of the most popular smart phone in the world. There have been millions of users of the iPhone and there are a lot of people who are swearing by the iPhone as the lifestyle phone of choice.

But with the iPhone 4S, you can see some significant improvement over the iPhone 4. For one thing, the processor of the iPhone 4s has been upgraded to the A5 chip, compared to iPhone 4's A4 chip. There's also an improvement in the resolution of the camera, upgrading to 8 megapixels as compared to iPhone 4's 5 megapixel camera. These are some of the notable positive features of the iPhone 4S.

The Shortcomings Seen in the iPhone 4S

Critics of the iPhone 4S see the iPhone 4S as another thing on the menu that doesn't add up to anything. Aside from the positive remarks stated above, there are no definite improvement as far as design, layout, and interface is concerned. It's just like having a girlfriend who got a new haircut; same old girl, with a whole new hair. Moreover, there are not a lot of things that can be said about the iPhone 4S. There have been a lot of opportunities to show loyal Apple fans and customers something new and revolutionary in the design of the iPhone 4S, but the rest of the mob says that this new phone is just another prototype gone wrong.

Should you Buy an iPhone 4S for Yourself?

Well, the verdict goes like this: if you want to get a newer iPhone for yourself, you may want to save your money for another Apple product, or to wait for the newer or better iPhone that may come your way. Should you decide to purchase the 4S right now, especially if you just purchased the iPhone 4, you may just end up disappointed.

But, if you are a new Apple user, you may want to buy a less expensive version of the iPhone 4S. For $199, you can have a 16 GB storage unit in black or in white. So basically, the Apple iPhone 4S is your small patch for a quick fix. But since there are no revolutionary features that can be seen from this phone at the moment, you can just abandon all hopes of buying it so that you wouldn't end up disappointed and miserable. Rest assured that time and again, Apple has launched phones and other gadgets faster than they are actually being made.

Source by Robby J Carver