GigaMan Ethernet Internet solutions is ideal for businesses and academic institutions as well as other organizations with massive networking and connectivity requirements. GigaMan solutions are perfect for businesses with multiple locations inside a common regional or metropolitan area. T1 bandwidth solutions are simply not enough for the larger sized business organizations. With GigaMan services, consumers can have a more cost-effective solution for more intensive data transmission as well as connectivity needs. Take advantage of high-speed inter-location data transmissions for the most critical of business applications. Avail of ultra fast Internet connections for an edge over the immediate competition with GigaMan Ethernet Internet solutions.

The Fastest Networking System with High-Speed Internet Connectivity

GigaMan is one of the fastest networking solutions available in the market today. GigaMan is capable of attaining data transmission speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second over a robust, fiber optic network. This is 26 times faster than standardized DS-3 connections of about 155 Maps. Businesses with existing network systems are also saved from additional expenses when implementing GigaMan solutions. GigaMan Ethernet Internet is highly compatible with most network configurations and can be directly plugged into an existing gigabit switch or router for instant access to GigaMan services.

Implement an Extensive Physical Network between Dispersed Locations

Most networking solutions between satellite locations in the same geographical area are bounded by physical range limitations. However, GigaMan solutions are capable of forging direct, highly reliable connections between dispersed locations with a peak physical range of 180 miles from endpoint to endpoint. Hence, GigaMan Ethernet Internet is the best solution for businesses requiring high capacity, high speed communications and transmission requirements between locations in the same metropolitan or regional area.

Source by Sandra Banks