The mobile market has changed a lot since the past few years. Today, there are several types of mobile phones that cater to various requirements and communication needs of mobile owners. With changing technologies, one sees a lot of changes in the way a person accesses the mobile phone too. Here is a brief description about the top types of keypads that are available in cell phones:

Tactile Keypads:

The tactile mobile phone is the phone with the physical keypad. The keypad is numeric is can be used to type alphabets by tapping them a particular number of times. This keypad is the default keypad. Mobiles with this type of keypads are quite cheap. These phones are best suited for people looking buy a phone on a budget. These keypads are very easy to repair and replace.

QWERTY Keypads:

QWERTY Keypads are named thus because they are quite similar to the desktop keypad. These keypads have different keys for all the alphabets as well as numerals. These types of cell phones are perfect for people who would be using their phones for internet browsing or SMS texting. The QWERTY keypad offers the best keypad experience, and is easy to repair and replace.

Touch Screen Keypads:

Touchscreen keypads are special keypads where the numbers are available via touch screen technology. The keypad is available via the display of the mobile phone. Some initial touch screen cell phones provided a tactile keypad too. Touch screen phones are quite expensive, and they are not a good buy for someone who is not accustomed to using cells in general. Also, touch screen phones are the most expensive to repair if they do not work. In fact, in the case of few touch screen mobile phones, it would be a better idea to buy a new mobile rather than repair the said phone

Source by Roy Daniel Dsilva