Summer is a time when schools are shut and the amazing warm weather has people looking for ways to engage them. People like to go out and have some fun. But at the same time, summer stands second only to holiday season when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. But again there are a lot of competition in the nonprofit space for the limited amount of resources and attention out there. To be able to make the best out of all the opportunities out there, one would need to be at their efficient best, adopting all the latest technologies being used in the sector.

Here are a few reasons which should convince you to adopt mobile giving to give a boost to your summer fundraising.

Smoother donation process

By adopting mobile giving, you allow your donors to give on the go, whenever and wherever they would want to, in a really smooth and effective manner. This not only saves their time but also makes it easy and hassle free for them. This would ensure that your donors keep coming back and not stay away due to want of time. It raises the amount of donations coming in and the donor retention rates for your nonprofit.

Allows you to keep in touch with your donors

With mobile giving you could send timely reminders to your donors about any upcoming events. You could send them notifications about all the important activities of your nonprofit. Keeping your donors in loop would be easier with it as you could send regular messages telling them about the progress of your campaigns and the difference that you are making in people's lives.

Building long term relationships

Add a personal touch to your donor's lives with the help of mobile giving. Send them greetings and messages during the holidays. Moreover, share stories regarding the people who have been helped by you. Let them know that they are a part of your nonprofit family and show them the link between their act of giving and the impact caused. This would only help to build their trust in your nonprofit and deepen the existing connection.

These are a few reasons why going mobile is essential for your nonprofit this summer. When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, it is how well you treat your donors that would determine your success. Making it easy and efficient for your donors would go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.

Source by Juhi Sharma