There are hundreds of websites online where you can find free public proxy servers, But how about getting your own from a Free and Unlimited Source of endless non-public proxy servers?

You are going to use some tools to do so. and all are Free. First, you will need an IP Scanner, my personal 2 Favorites is SuperScan and Angry IP Scanner, in This tutorial we will use SuperScan v4.0. You can get both tools for free if you searched in google.

When you have successfully downloaded and Installed SuperScan, Open it up then we will need to configure it's scan setting, click “Port list setup” and there you will define which ports you are going to scan for, If you are searching for HTTP Proxy servers you should scan for those Ports:

80, 8080, 3128, 6588

For Socks 4 and 5 Proxy servers use Port 1080.

All of those are common ports, However, there is more uncommon ports you have to find yourself for some proxies. When you are done, Click OK and save the port list. Now for the rest of the main settings, I personally use those timeout values:

Ping: 500

Connect: 2000

Read: 4000

But those might be different depends on your internet connection and your personal preference, so you might change those based on your own needs. In short, Timeout value is the time in milliseconds that the scanner should wait before moving to the next IP address if no response received. Now to the Most Tricky and Hardest Part of this whole Process, The IP Range!

Its Vital to put a good IP address Range to scan for which has a high possibility of Proxy Servers. a very good starting point is to find a good working proxy somewhere online and use that for your own scanning. For example, if you find a good HTTP or Socks proxy at the IP address say for example, use those 2 values in the scanner:

IP Range: to

If you find few Proxies in the scan results save the list as a text file and move to the next Step: There is an Excellent piece of software called “Charon” that is mainly used as a Proxy Checker/Verifier among other valuable powerful capabilities.

Now we have to check all the IP addresses we got before in the scan results, Open up Charon and load the ip address list we saved from superscan. The whole list will be loaded up in the main window, Final Step is to click “Check Proxies”>”Check Anonymity of All Proxies” and sit back and relax waiting until it finished. Now you can search for your very own Proxy servers of all Types ( HTTP, Socks 4 & 5, SSL, Transparent..etc) Good Luck Searching your own Proxies and Protecting your Online Privacy!

Source by Mohamed Elsaied