The Epson Stylus Pro 11880 is a filled with technological advancements in the printer segment – one of them being the all new MicroPiezo(TM) TFP print head that ensures the printer provides outstanding image quality. With 360 nozzles per colour it allows the Stylus Pro 11880 to achieve faster throughput and the micro-fine nozzles ensure that uniformly shaped ink droplets are precisely placed on the media without misting or satellites.

This printer comes with an enhanced ink technology that ensures wider colour gamut. The newly formulated vivid magenta and light vivid magenta inks add vibrancy to the prints – reproducing precise client-specific spot colours in deep blue-magenta range. The Epson Stylus Pro 11880 has two original Epson ink cartridges – Photo black and matte black ink cartridges that are simultaneously mounted to ensure that switching between glossy and matte media is an easy process.

With dedicated print heads, superior formulation and three shades of black, the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 not only ensures superlative colour balance but also assures maximum print quality. Supplied with an extra large 700ml ink cartridges, the Stylus Pro reduces the need for frequent cartridge changes.

Another technological advancement of the Stylus Pro 11880 is the New Image Processing Technology. This new technology enhances the half-toning stability with an innovative algorithm called dot-mapping. It assures that even at high saturations – colour gradient, smoothness and definition remain well-balanced. Also, improvements in gradient characteristics provide smooth colour blending, tonal transitions and a rich shadow.

A fully network ready printer – it provides a gigabit Ethernet support and the P3 compression reduces the load on computers. The convenient paper handling capabilities and dual-tension roll feed spindles ensure high quality prints and prevent misalignments.

Source by Tomas Walker