The curtains were drawn and all was silent. James lay curled up in bed, the covers drawn tightly over him. He opened his eyes, his head was pounding..was it just a dream? Then it all came flooding back, the memory of his girlfriend Sarah sitting at a cafe with another guy, a trainer from her gym. She had insisted they were just friends, but James knew Sarah well. They had been together for 5 years and lately she had been acting differently. They fought and Sarah had walked out.

The phone rang. James's heart skipped a beat. Could it be Sarah? He answered it, it was his best friend Mike. He wanted to know how James was doing and said he was going to come over in an hour. The only thought replaying itself in James's head was that of Sarah and the trainer. He wasn't angry anymore. He was hurt. How could she have done this? He knew things had not been going so well for some time but how was he going to live without her?

He picked up the phone and called her number for the 10th time in 24 hours. It was the answering machine again. James left a message saying he was sorry and they needed to talk. He was desperate to speak to her, he thought of driving by her house. Just as he was picking up is car keys, the door bell rang and Mike stood outside.

‘You need help', he said. Grabbing the keys from James, he led him to a couch and sat him down. ‘Look, I have been through this before. You guys love each other. You just need a plan to get her talking to you and you will get her back. Remember it was you she was with for 5 years!', said Mike. He pulled out a notebook with the words ‘relationship-get back together' scrawled on it.

3 days later, when James was out at a friends barbeque party, his phone rang. He answered it. It was Sarah! ‘Hi, it's me. I just thought I would call to see how you are doing. I miss you' she said. James was so excited he dropped the phone. All the rest was history, James and Sarah are back together and engaged to be married!

Source by Jeffrey Baine