Technology is always changing. Some of these changes are good but some are not very good. Products for computers are constantly improving also. Wireless printers are one of the newer types of technology. These have some advantages. They also have a few disadvantages.

One advantage to having this type of printer is that there is not a cord to worry about. You will be able to set the printer anywhere without having to worry about whether or not the cord is going to reach to the computer. There will also be one less cord to worry about.

Another thing that is nice about them is that more than one computer can use the same printer. This is very nice for an office where there is more than one computer. You can have one printer instead of ten or more.

A disadvantage to the wireless is that it works the same way that an internet router works. There is always a chance of interference. This can be very frustrating if your document does not make it to your printer or it is really slow.

Buying a wireless printer can save you money because you will only have to buy one printer. You will only have to buy ink for one printer also. Electricity can also be saved because there will only be one printer using it.

Another advantage to having a one of these is that there are more devices than just a computer that can access them. Some cell phones can send pictures to it or even cameras that are capable of doing this. This can save you a lot of time because you will not have to download it to your computer and then print it. You will be able to skip this step.

This can also save you on paying to have your pictures printed at any photo center. You will be able to print them yourself without going anywhere. This can all be done at your home or office which can be very convenient.

This kind of printer can also be helpful in a classroom with computers. There will be a lot of students needing to print off their assignments. This will allow this to be done without having one printer for each student.

Another disadvantage to wireless printers is that it lacks security. People may be able to access them. If there is another printer that is compatible, you may be sending your document to the wrong printer. This can be a huge problem for documents that have personal or confidential information.

Wireless technology has come a long ways in the last few years. This can compliment your computer system that already has a wireless keyboard and mouse. This way the only wires that you will have running is your power cords. This can create a less confusing set up process for anybody. It is also easier to move it if you need to. There will not be wires to unhook and move. This is extremely helpful when you are rearranging your home office.

Source by Jack Tralston