There is a whole range of Lexmark and IBM printer error codes. If you find it difficult to diagnose which is which, then here is a primer to help you out!

Error code 22: Out of paper

This could indicate either a paper jam or a shortage of paper in your IBM and Lexmark printer. Make sure there is sufficient paper loaded into the paper tray and also check if there are any sediments collected along the path of paper. Check to see if the sensor flag for input is broken or not and also ensure the system boards and cable 2 is not defective.

Error code 31: Paper change needed

This means that your Lexmark and IBM printer has a different paper size configuration from what's needed in the software. Make sure to change the paper settings to adjust the size. Also check the printer software setup for any issues as well as the system board for any fault.

Error codes 41 and 43: Font related

These error codes usually indicate that the particular font needed is not available in the Lexmark and IBM printer. This could signal a faulty font card or a fault inside the system board. It might also mean that the font card had been removed while the power was switched on. If the font card is defective make sure to get a new one.

Error code 54: serial error

This error code indicates that the settings for the serial configuration between your computer and your printer are different. Make sure the communication cable, I/O cable and system boards are not damaged or improperly connected.

Error code 89: Overloaded output tray

This error code implies that your output tray is completely full. Make sure to take out paper from the output tray. You also need to check the operability of the respective flags. You can also try replacing the photo sensor for the card.

Error code 9920: Fuser not as per temperature

For this error code you need to monitor the resistance on the fuser as well as on the thermo fuse, lamp and the thermistor. There could also be a problem with low voltage. Check if there is continuity in the cable 1 of the system as well as inside the power cable inside the fuser.

Error code 970: improper turning on the fan

This means that the fan inside the Lexmark and IBM printer is not turning on. You could try to reseat the cables that lie between the system board and the fan. Also try resetting the printer.

Error code 24: Incorrect manual feed

This error code could come up due to a variety of reasons. If you are trying to put the paper inside manual feed at the same time the printer is taking off paper from the paper tray then the error could occur. Make sure not to put paper inside manual feed until and unless it has been explicitly requested.

Source by James Kara Murat