Technology is Wonderful, exciting and keeps getting better, more compact and faster as the day gets longer. Smart phones abound everywhere, especially as laptop computers and P. C's get used less and less. . I am so happy to be alive during this time in the immediacy of innovation – man's imagination has produced fantastic forms of communication! The inventors and designers of technology knew how to make life simpler, using their imagination, they accomplished feats of technology that is as much magical as it is mysterious – Modern innovation, in technology, is phenomenal to say the least.

I am sure that the designers of innovative technology had no idea what would happen to socialization. With the immediacy of communication, and removal of time zone constraints, we actually spend more time dependent on technology for socialization, then having real conversations with real people. I have weekly conversations with people from two or three continents and time zones, and I still find it extraordinary!

I stopped and reflected yesterday, realizing what matters most in life – Who and what you see before your very eyes – and real exchanges of information, funny riffs and genuine conversation… I determined it is the people, I actually see, speak with, actually knowing the voices, intonation and sometimes even in the smiles that I engage, that's what brings the most lasting and welcome connections! Participating in real activities that sharpen the mind, I, e, reading books, or taking leisurely walks, around the block, in my neighborhood, keeps my mind focused and my attention span sharp, or at least keeps me more alert, by noticing my environment, and having balance between socialization, work and relaxing.

Having millions of friends, virtual friends, followers, virtual followers, and playing virtual chess, or any other board game is fine, on a temporary basis, though when used to substitute the reality of meeting real people and having real adventure causes less communication and more competition for virtual friends that aren't even real…

Unplug for a few weeks, days, hours or for an extended block of time and get to know your neighbors and family again! Ask your kids how they enjoyed their day at school? Call your million virtual friends – OH, so sorry – they aren't real.

You can sharpen and enhance your socialization, as well as communication skills, required for everyday life, by occasionally, unplugging from virtual reality, for a few days, hour, minutes, or for any extended block of time. Gain clarity and increase your ability to participate in basic conversational skills – as your skills get put to use by making human connections.

Take a drive, notice the street signs, new cars, and the innovation that it took to design the road that you're driving on. Somebody used his or their imagination, sitting at a desk, and when mixed with technology, designed the road and the entire highway system. It took a human being to unplug and use imagination and maybe even communication skills to get the project planned, funded and completed. I'm sure that those people or that person smiled back at their boss when the project was completed and probably sent an animated e-mail too!

The more you communicate, in person, the less you create electromagnetic rays in your body. Your body and mind are crying out to you for more socialization and less technology usage. We are all faced with the fact that constant technology use may have some not so healthy effects. Science is still debating the extent of what are acceptable limits, for the human body, regarding the amount of electromagnetic rays that humans should receive daily. Unplug and enjoy your own reality, enjoy real conversations and smiles from family and friends, it can't cause you any kind of known physical harm and it can bring you socialization and joy! If you smile at me, I promise to smile back – A REAL BIG SMILE!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune