When the flatbed scanner is replaced it does not come with the control panel and bezel or overlay. It is easier to remove while the scanner is still attached to the printer. So we will start by removing them first.

  1. Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord from either the printer or the wall and open the ADF.
  2. Use your fingers to lift up on the top center edge of the bezel until it begins to disengage.
  3. From the center of the top edge, pry the bezel up slightly from the control panel as you work your fingers towards the outside edges.
  4. Now the control panel can be removed by releasing the two catches located about 3 to 4 inches from each end. These are located on the bottom edge of the control panel. Slide the panel slightly to the left. Use the larger hole located at each end of the control panel to lift it up. There are two cables that can be disconnected from the back of the panel now.
  5. The ADF will need to be removed as it is not part of the flatbed scanning assembly and can be removed very easily. Raise the ADF and you will see the connector located towards the rear of the printer. Squeeze the tabs together and lift the connector up. Remove the ADF by lifting it up and tilting it forward. The hinges will release from the scanner bed.
  6. The flatbed scanner can now be removed by first removing the left side cover. There is one screw located on this cover in the center of the lower portion of the cover. It is recessed in the elongated slot that is used for lifting the printer. Once removed open the top cover and pry off the cover using a flat blade screwdriver. You will see a small triangle pointing outwards. This is where the catch is located. Open the scanner assembly as this will make it easier to remove the covers. Pull the bottom of the cover slightly up and out to release the bottom catches and then pull up and away from the printer to release the catches at the top of the cover.
  7. Next remove the right side cover by removing the two screws located in the lower recessed portion of the cover. Hold the cover by the handle and at the top and then pull the bottom of the cover up, rotating the cover away from the printer as you lift it.
  8. Next remove the right rear cover. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to release the latch located to the left of the right side hinge under the scanner base.
  9. From the back of the printer on the same side, lift and disengage the latch using a flat blade screwdriver. Insert the in the center of the cover and pry downward with the screwdriver. Pull the cover down and away from the printer.
  10. Disconnect the four scanner assembly cable from the top of the formatter cage, located on the right side. The cables will need to be slipped through the chassis so they are hanging from the back of the printer. Be careful not to damage the cables or the cable ends. Look at the way the cables are routed as you will need to reroute them when the replacement scanner is installed.
  11. There is grounding cable located on the back of the printer which is part of the cable bundle from the scanner. This will need to be removed by gently pulling it away from the printer base.
  12. With the scanner lid up locate the hinges which attach the scanner to the printer base. Using a flat blade screwdriver, press the tabs at the top of the units to release them from the scanner assembly. Be careful at this point because once the link assemblies have been released the scanner is no longer attached to the printer.


Source by Joseph Kaufmann