21st century problems

We are probably all familiar with the frustration of missing a visit from an unexpected guest, or perhaps the delivery of a parcel to our house. Although it is impossible to be available to answer the door at all times, it can be time consuming and extremely inconvenient to have to begin the arduous process of phoning up and rearranging an alternate delivery date for an important package.

Unfortunately, many couriers only supply you with an approximate delivery time slot, which can sometimes be several hours long. This poses the inconvenience of being confined inside the house all day. Often this will result in us neglecting other tasks that need doing so as to ensure you are in and available to answer the door to the rescheduled delivery. The ironic thing is that more often than not it will end up arriving outside of the allocated time slot anyway!

The Smartbel

Fortunately, there are now a couple of nifty gadgets out there to help put an end to such problems. The Smartbel doorbell is an innovative new intercom system which has been created to connect your doorbell to your phone meaning you will never have to miss visitors again. This solution means that you are able to speak to whoever calls at your door at any time of day, regardless as to whether you're at home, in the office or away on a business trip. Being able to speak to a courier at the time of delivery also gives you the opportunity to reschedule another visit as soon as possible, or arrange for the parcel to be dropped at an alternate address on the day it arrives. The Smartbel has the ability to be routed to any phone number you choose (provided you get permission from the recipient!), allowing for perhaps a friend, family member or neighbour to ‘answer' your door for you if you are away.

How does it work?

When your visitor pushes the Smartbel button from the outside, the mobile SIM inside the device simultaneously calls the phone it is connected to, allowing you to have a 2-way conversation with the caller. You also have the option to personalise your device by setting the incoming ringtone to a specific sound so you know it's a Smartbel call.

As well as keeping you in the know, this device acts as a great security product and deterrent; no strangers knocking on your door will know whether you are in the house or not! This makes it the perfect investment for those of you who work long hours or whose job involves making regular business trips.

Where to buy?

I recently bought this interesting device as a gift for my elderly grandmother. It is the perfect solution for those who don't like to answer the door to strangers, or who struggle to get to the door in time. The Smartbel allows you to answer your phone and inform the visitor that you will be with them shortly, thus reducing the chance of injuries caused by having to rush to the door. Better still, this device doesn't just have to be fixed up to a mobile device (my grandmother is a bit of a technophobe); it is easily connected to a landline as well. You are also able to adjust the volume settings for those who are hard of hearing; this really is a revolutionary piece of technology that is suitable for everyone.


Source by Kirsty Boden