Ink cartridges are specially designed containers that enclose inks which are used in Inkjet printers, and dispersed on paper through a nozzle during printing. An Inkjet printer normally comes with two cartridges upon purchase, one black, and one that contains a mixture of primary colors. These are replaceable after the contents have been depleted. Customers who have purchased inkjet printers become concerned with replacement of these cartridges, and the advantages of purchasing the original cartridges, versus buying refilled inks.

Advantages of buying original ink cartridges

Manufacturers of printers will agree that there are various advantages to purchasing original cartridges instead of refilling them with third party inks. Some of the advantages that can be garnered from the purchase of original ink cartridges are quality prints, durability, and warranty on the printer, and ink discharge.

Another advantage of using genuine cartridges is that the quality of the prints is not compromised. According to PC World reports, using original cartridges eliminate on page problems, such as streaking, curling, and color bleeding. The reliable quality in print by original cartridges can be associated with the fact that the manufacturers of the original cartridges use chemicals that help to clean the printer heads, thus ensuring that they continuously print sharp images, and these are especially visible in the printing of graphics, and charts where a large amount of ink is consumed.

When an Inkjet printer is purchased, the manufacturer provides a limited warranty in which the purchaser can return the product for a replacement, or refund if they are unsatisfied, or if the printer is defective. If the purchaser buys refilled cartridges, it will not only void the warranty, but also cost the purchaser fees to repair the printer. In addition, using original cartridges increases the reliability of the printer, and also its lifespan by preventing clogging of printer head by exogenous materials.

Another notable benefit that original cartridges have over third party cartridges is that when third party inks cartridges are not used consistently then the ink has a tendency to not discharge from the cartridge, and when this happens the printer head generally needs to be replaced.

Although the upfront price for purchasing original cartridges might be more than those sold by third parties, it is worth the price, especially for quality, as it reduces mess, and continuously creates sharp images, and durability by preventing clogs and increasing the lifespan of your printer.

Source by Chris Cornell