Color security cameras produce real color images of objects. Even though they are far more advanced than black and white cameras, they are less popular. This is due to their high cost compared to B/W devices and their inability to capture colorful images during low-light time.

Color security cameras vary in shape, size and use. There are hidden, mini, medium and large sized security cameras. They are available in shapes such as dome, bullet, fixed, wedge, pinhole, and standard corner mount bodies. Color security cameras can be fixed or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. Most advanced cameras contain remotely operable motorized zoom lens with very wide focal lengths. Their increased resolution, natural coloration and easy to find object quality enable viewers to make more detailed observations.

There are different color security cameras for indoor and outdoor uses. Outdoor cameras usually come with waterproof and weather proof coverings. There are also wired and wireless cameras. Wireless cameras are more advanced and costly. They transmit images as radio signals to remote devices. Some digital color security cameras are also available in the market.

There are some advanced color cameras which function as normal color cameras during day time and as B/W cameras during night time. They use night vision techniques which produce only monochrome images during nighttime. The lux ratings of most of these cameras are either 0.02 or 0.01 lux, which allow you to take clear pictures in dark environments. They ensure 24 hour surveillance. Like other survey cameras, color cameras can be connected to CCTV networks, computers, Internet, or any other digital or analog storing devices.

The price of color security cameras vary considerably according to size, shape, display, resolution, audio, and night vision capabilities. Cameras without microphones are available for $60 and those with microphones are available for $70 upwards. Price of wireless cameras often starts around $90. Day/night color security cameras are available for $150.

Top companies manufacturing color security cameras include Mace, Exxis, Sony, Mitsubishi, JVC, Panasonic, Smart Choice, COP-USA, KT &C, Samsung, Toshiba, Ultrak, GE.Color and Focus Company.

Source by Damian Sofsian