The Sharp SF 6600 Printer is but one of the many products available from Sharp. Of the many office and home electronic equipment offered this one is an excellent option. Sharp has many multifunction printers with combinations of copiers and printers, copiers and faxes, or faxes and copiers. All of the multifunction printers from Sharp are designed for small businesses and produce high quality printouts at high speeds.

Sharp printers use ink jet and digital laser technology depending on the printer. There are many features included with the Sharp printers including an automatic document feeding tray, single increment zoom function, bypass tray, and a photo exposure mode option. The machines can connect directly to a computer or to several computers through a network. The majority of the printers need a USB connection.

The multifunction copier and fax combination is also an excellent option for offices, particularly if you do not use the fax that often but still have need of a fax machine. The memory on the copier and fax machine is quite large so you can store many documents, you will never have to worry about losing a fax. Any of the multifunction machines offered by sharp can print on a variety of different sized media as well as several different types of media.

There are also machines that combine printing, scanning and copying and are the perfect answer to your printing needs if you need to maximize the space you have. These machines all use laser technology and produce high resolution printouts. The scan modes also have very high resolution which can be an issue. Many times scanned images are not as crisp and clear as desired.

The Sharp machines are all ‘green” machines and very environmentally friendly. All of the Sharp products incorporate the newest technology to produce the best printouts possible. The Sharp toner cartridges and drum units can be found at local office supply stores and one cartridge was made to fit several different types of printers. Many companies also offer some of the older and harder to find Sharp consumables if you are still using an older machine.

Ink jet printers are still a popular printer source particularly for home or personal use. Ink jet printers tend to be less expensive even though you will use more ink then a laser printer. It is possible to find black and white ink jet printers as well as color ink jet printers. The ink jet printers do have some limitations as they can only print on standard plain paper and the quality of the printing is not as good as laser printing. The images and text will not be as sharp or crisp when compared to a laser printout.

Sharp products focus specifically on equipment that fills the gap between business printers and home printers. They were made to make you more productive while keeping expenditures low. Sharp offers products for businesses, individuals, homes and families. You can feel safe when shipping your Sharp products as they have the highest security rating, ensuring that your products are safe.


Source by Morgan Le Fay