When you think high quality inkjet printer supplies you think Epson. With the evolution of the inkjet printer market so also have some companies grown and evolved. Epson have taken their rightful place amongst the leaders in the inkjet and inkjet supply industry.

Key to the success of any inkjet printer is the quality of its cartridges. Epson have spent a considerable amount of time and money in research and development to produce the quality of cartridge they do today.

Famous for their quick drying, acid free inks that are designed to prevent smudging on a huge variety of media Epson don't stop there. Constantly striving to be at the forefront of inkjet technology Epson continually push the barriers on what can be achieved with the humble inkjet printer.

A huge concern for most inkjet owners is the cost of inkjet supplies; namely paper and cartridges. With so many low cost ink refill and comparable products on the market why should you choose the original Epson cartridge over its cheaper rival? Time!

Time is something we can never get enough of, are reluctant to give away and, as we all know, we can never take back. Epson inks have been designed with logevity in mind. An image or document printed with Epson ink can last up to 92 years. The same document or image produced with a cheaper third party ink might only last 12 months.

It would be hard for Epson to prove that their ink lasts 92 years because very few of us will be still living in the year 2100 and beyond. The time factor is still a concern. If you have a valuable document or family portrait you wish to keep and pass on to loved ones then use original Epson ink. If it's a disposable document then use the third party products. This gives the best of both worlds – quality and at a lower price.

Source by Niall Roche