Here are 4 Thoughts to Consider When Choosing a Time Clock Model:

1) Number of Employees
Begin by evaluating the number of employees the time clock needs to accommodate. There are different models equipped to handle more or less employee's dependent on a company's requirements. Also, keep in mind while a digital time clock system may be more expensive than a basic time keeping system, the number of hours saved by having records tracked automatically will more than compensate for the investment.

2) Buddy Punching Challenges
If your company is using swipe cards or traditional time clocks with paper time sheets, more than likely there is buddy punching, or employees clocking one another in and/or out happening. A biometric time clock will eliminate buddy punching. In addition, you will be able to do away with manual data collection, record storage and reduce data entry, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy of your payroll process.

3) Type of Work Environment
Not all biometric time clocks are the best fit for a rugged or industrial application. For example, people performing continuous work with their hands may not have the best fingerprint, thus eliminating the fingerprint time clock option. Nevertheless, there are biometric hand clocks that actually clock in and out time based on measurements of the hand rather than on prints making the biometric hand clock a better fit for industrial environments.

4) Number of Locations
Mobile applications are made for employers that need to accurately track an employees work times remotely. Using a smart phone, employees can quickly punch in and punch out from any job location. Also, be aware of how many physical locations there are. Do employees need to clock in and out at every location? This will help determine the number of clocks and/or whether a mobile application is needed to meet your goals.

Christine Smith is Marketing Coordinator for Gatekeeper Business Solutions, Inc. Gatekeeper Business Solutions, Inc. specializes in a proprietary suite of software tools (LMS) that includes time and attendance, scheduling, and integrated payroll processing for midlevel private and public sector companies.

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Source by Christine P. Smith