How to load paper into the cassette tray for a SAMSUNG Colour Laser Printer CLP-610ND

If you find you are experiencing continuous ‘Paper Jam 0' problems, the following is recommended.

* Look first for any documents jammed in the machine.

* If NO sheet is found the most common cause for the ‘Paper Jam 0' message will be;

1. The document has not been properly ‘fanned' before putting into the cassette.

2. Document tray/cassette has been loaded above the maximum limit marked.

3. The document guides in the cassette are holding the paper too tightly.

Documents not properly ‘fanned' when removed from the wrapper can stick together, multiple sheets will resist being picked up by the ‘Feed Roller'. A sensor next to the feed roller will not be activated causing the machine to think it has a ‘Paper Jam 0' problem.


* Thoroughly ‘fan' document so that each sheet is separated.

* Block documents on a flat even surface so that all sheets are even and in alignment.

* Ensure that all paper is properly located in the tray.

A common fault is overloading the cassette, the document pickup roller cannot pull the paper from the tray this will cause the printer to think it has a ‘Paper Jam 0' error, after confirming that no sheet has jammed in the printer, check that paper has;

* Not been loaded above the maximum line marked on blue paper tray guides.

When sheets are held too firmly by the cassette guides, the document pickup roller cannot pull the paper from the tray causing the copier to think it has a ‘Paper Jam 0' error! After confirming that no paper has jammed in printer, check that paper is;

* Not being gripped to tightly by the blue paper guides in the tray.

STEP TWO Do not overload sheets in the paper tray; when replenishing documents in cassette, keep paper level no higher than line marked on paper guides.


* Ensure the two blue side guides have some clearance from the paper, i.e. approx.1mm.

* The end guide should not press tightly against the paper; ensure at least a 2mm gap.

Source by Karl Deitz