With the increasing population, economic crisis and loose values some people practice, incidences of crime has really persisted to exist in every society. The bigger the population, the more crimes are committed. It is not only in businesses that crimes really occur but also in schools, buses, other public places, and even in our homes. Even the availability or visibility of a security guard or police officer cannot deter some criminals to do their acts. Ordinary tenants cannot also afford to hire a private security guard. Nonetheless, these sentinels are not enough to monitor a place. The trend nowadays is to install security surveillance equipment in strategic areas of a building, house and other security-risk locales. Surveillance technology uses equipment that would detect and record what is actually happening in a particular area where the equipment focuses. Most equipment are not ”secret” and is visible to the public. One such equipment is the CCTV. It is a closed circuit television. Its disadvantages are the following:

1. It invades privacy – People are very much against this because it steps on their privacy and that they are viewed by others without their consent.

2. it is stationary – This equipment is steady in its place so there is no possibility for an offender to be caught if he knows there is a CCTV around. The offender can simply avoid passing in front of the camera. The CCTV has become very popular this 2010.

3. Interference in signal – When there is an object between the camera and its subject, recording it becomes a failure.

4. It becomes useless once it has a scratch- Sometimes, this results to a waste of capital or money.

Surveillance technology equipment is the wire tap. Wire taps are secretly used and not seen by the public. Some of its disadvantages are the following:

1. It also invades privacy – Just like other security surveillance equipment, wire tapping is a threat to a person's privacy.

2. Audibility is a problem sometimes – This happens when the subject moves out of range of the equipment. Voices become inaudible.

Aside from the equipment's disadvantages, a general disadvantage for this on the part of the owner is that they become too dependent on the security surveillance equipment. In effect, they become lax in their security maintenance. Nevertheless, with a security surveillance technology, it is the closest route to one's safety and security.

Source by Greg Pierce