Antivirus IS is a new rogue antivirus program that is being spread through websites, Trojans, and security holes. If you start noticing strange new popups and blocked programs, then you could be infected with this particular false software. You might receive a message such as “Security Warning

Application cannot be executed. The file wordpad.exe is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now.” or “Infiltration Alert.” These are grounds for concern, and require immediate virus removal. You must uninstall Antivirus IS as soon as possible, so not to risk system damage or personal identity theft.

We must remove Antivirus IS because it is a very dangerous piece of software. It will alter your PC drastically, by changing your system settings, and blocking legitimate programs. It can also make running normal antivirus programs impossible, and you'll have to boot in safe mode or use other trickery to get your programs to open. It will also block websites that you are used to visiting to. To sum things up, this virus is a giant headache, and it must be stopped.

To get rid of Antivirus IS you either need to pay a PC technician, or you need to use an automatic malware removal tool. Whatever you decide, action must be taken briskly. If you go the manual removal route, you'll need to stop related processes, delete related registry entries in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, and remove related files in your Application Data folders. It is far easier to use an automatic removal tool that will locate all file names and locations of infections that are hiding in your system.

I choose automatic removal because it's quick and easy. I recommend it to clients, friends and family as well. The biggest reason, besides cleaning the PC, is that automatic removal tools will also protect your PC against future infections. No more worrying about opening files or streaming videos. You'll be protected, and can surf the internet with peace of mind, and with a newfound speed.

Ready to get your PC finally fast and clean again? Remove Antivirus IS in just a few minutes and worry no longer about mischievous thieves and hackers.

Source by Bob L Walker