A ‘Spinning Platter' of a hard disk is said to be best suitable for a desktop PC or a Laptop PC. But the storing capacity is not only said to be the best feature in a hard drive, the disk rotational speed is also aid to make a big difference and so focusing on the drives rotational speed is also important and necessary. Generally a 7200RPM drive speed is said to be the best for delivering high performance and the speed of 5400 RPM is said to deliver faster speed but will consume more power and will affect the battery life.

SSD drives which stand as Solid state drives are said to be the best drives as they do not have moving parts and like the usual drives these hard disks are less prone to damages and movements and also generate very petite amounts of heat. These SSD drives are said to be in the size of a micro SD card which are basically found in the digital cameras and other devices, but are extremely expensive and have less storage spaces. Although they perform in a very high way, the advantages of this hard drive are said to be a mixed bag hypothetically.

Optical drives CD/DVD and Blu ray

Nearly every laptop is having an optical drive these days and the need and the necessity for an optical drive has grown very immensely. In today's world, netbooks which are designed for their sleek dimensions are having an optical drive option which is also sleek according to the laptop size and dimension. These optical drives play an important role in order to store important software's from discs and also to burn some discs for media and also for music and useful software's.

As the trend is changing, the optical drive option is said to be vanishing in some branded laptops. Blu Ray drives are said to be the latest option in the netbooks nowadays provided the laptop has a 1080 pixels of resolution and has a compatibility to play Blu ray option.

But having an optical drive is said to be essential in all sorts of ways and proves to be advantageous.

External storage drives

In case a laptop user wants some extra space, he/she can switch on to the external drives which can be obtained for a nominal price and can store immense data according to the requirement. These external drives can be connected through USB, Firewire or Esata cables and comes in many shapes and sizes. USB connected flash memory thumb drives have also become a necessary factor in his latest PC world.

Connection interface

Many laptops users desire to send or receive emails and also browse the web pages for some useful stuff. They also desire to have files, printers and so on which can be connected to an intranet or to an internet. These connections can be done via a modem or a Ethernet hook up, wireless connection or through a broad band which can be wired or wireless. In order to do get the laptop basically connected, here is some option which can be looked out.

Networking options

In the present day, laptops are coming with a 56KBPS modem connection with a RJ11 connector. They are also having the hardware which supports Ethernet through an RJ45 connector and this can also support faster Giga bit Ethernet network connections. The notebooks are having built in antennas for wireless networking and have a 802.11g standard or even much faster 802.11n functionality routing techniques.


in case if the user desires for additional connectivity, then he or she can go for laptops which have a Bluetooth connectivity option with a wireless protocol that can transfer anything and to some extent everything.

PC cards and express cards

The express cards have replaced the old PCMCI card based devices which perfectly fit into the computer slot. Express cards can be used for high bandwidths, Giga Ethernet ports, HDTV tuners, USB adaptors and for many such uses.

Broadband support

As the technology is changing, mobile broadband has come into existence and are being preferred by the travelers. Nowadays, built in mobile broadband antenna with a 3G connection has come into existence. According to the monthly bill paid, the services are being offered.

Extra accessories

  • Docking station- a docking station is said to be a necessary accessory as it has a mixture of ports, slots, drive bays and well enhanced security features. They can be attached from beneath the notebook and are available in many shapes. A bigger monitor, regular keyboard, additional storage drives, and many such hardware components can be connected with a docking station.
  • Laptop bag- a sturdy and comfortable carrying case is essential for a laptop and the bag must also have three cabins to insert AC adaptors, extra batteries, CD/DVD storage space and pen drive storage space in it and must have padded straps.
  • Extra batteries- in case the user is an extensive traveler, then getting some extra batteries is always wise while traveling. They are usually offered in the range of $60-$350 and must be easy to handle while connecting to a laptop.

In case of necessity, an external optical mouse, keyboard and an external disk can also be purchased.


Source by Prashant Reddy