In today's, increasingly, digital, technological world, many enhancements, in terms of houses, etc, have been introduced, and a large number of proponents, have been attracted, to what some, refer to, as a SMARTER home! In some cases/ instances, some of these devices/ additions, are interesting/ fun luxuries (gizmos and gadgets), while others, are security – related, and still others, are helpful, for day – to – day, home living. For generations, people have lived, happily, in houses, without most of these devices, and conveniences, and, whether, or not, these are for someone, depends on his needs, priorities, and how he lives his life, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters, to some.

1. Systems; solutions; serve/ service: What systems, might be, most essential, for you, and which, you might prioritize? Would they be, related, to ensuring a higher degree of safety, and security, or, obtaining more, and better ways, to live, one's life? What solutions, may be needed, and necessary, and will, this technology, create a viable solution, which best serves you, and creates relevant service, etc?

2. Metrics/ measures; smart – meters; meaningful: Would these possibilities, be significant, and meaningful, to you, or just another gadget, and/ or, device, etc? Would any, particular, possible, smart – meters, make your life better, and/ or, easier/ simpler? For example, would a smart – doorbell, be an advantage, for your circumstances? What metrics, might you use, which would help you consider, and measure, whether, they were worthwhile, etc?

3. Alarms; actions; attitude: Would certain, more – advanced, alarms, be, of assistance, and, what would you want, it to do? How might some of the features, available, in smart – homes, assist you, in taking actions, which might be, beneficial, and/ or, helpful? Much of this is personal, and depends on one's attitude, towards, trying, and using, something, new!

4. Reasons; reliable: Make a list of which of these items, might be, useful, to you, and your reasons, for finding them, attractive! Consider them, on a, cost/ benefits, basis! Any device, only makes sense, when/ if, it provides reliable service, etc!

5. Timely; time – tested; trends: Just because, some devices might be the latest trends, doesn't mean, they are for you! Know your needs, goals, priorities, and personal perceptions and desires, and whether, using and depending on one of these items, is a timely, need! Read the reviews, and discover the time – tested, testing results, to ensure, the items you choose, do, what they claim, reliably, and effectively/ efficiently!

6. Energy; endurance; evaluations: Many smart devices, are designed to make energy usage, more efficient, and less expensive! Read testing evaluations, and reviews, and use products, with quality, and endurance!

7: Reviews; reactions: Just because something might sound good, doesn't mean, it does, what it claims, nor, will create the benefits, you seek! Read the reviews, and reactions, before buying some expensive item, which you might, neither, need, use, or want!

While a SMARTER house, sounds great, it means different things, to different people! Are these, for you?


Source by Richard Brody