When they measure Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) using a gas chromatograph, scientists use an autosampler that features purge and trap mechanism- a device that facilitates the detection of low levels of VOCs by removing the compounds from the matrix sample, and then sequestering them on a sorbent solid in the concentrator, where they are heated, vaporized, and injected into the chromatograph.

Purge and trapautosamplers are a class of autosamplers that contain several models, one of the most popular of which is the Centurion WS. If you are considering in investing in this model, but you have questions about its specifications and operation before you do, the answers below can help:

What type of delivery system does the autosampler use?

The Centurion WS offers a programmable, three-position IS/Surr delivery system with a range of 1ul-100ul. The system does not need priming.

What does the autosampler do to avoid sample carryover?

To avoid sample carryover, the Centurion WS flushes the needle and transfer line with P&T's Bake gas, and keeps the water in the pathway hot by using a hot water rinse in a fixed volume loop.

How does the autosampler rate in terms of reliability?

Possessing excellent mechanical construction, the purge and trap Centurion WS autosampler is a leader in its class for reliability. Specific features that help establish this reliability include: a supported arm, a P&T concentrator that monitors flow control, fiber optic vial sensing, and modular electronic design.

How does the autosampler rate in terms of productivity?

Thanks to its dual concentrator mode for liquid and solid samples, the Centurion WS is a leader in its class for productivity. Purge and trap autosamplers typically feature positioning for about 50 samples. The Centurion WS features positioning for 100 water samples and 90 solid samples.

In terms of throughput, the autosampler can facilitate up to one-hundred runs in a twenty-four hour period when two concentrators are attached to the same GC-a configuration that the Centurion WS has made possible for years.

How does the autosampler move samples?

The Centurion WS moves solid samples to the sampling station, but it does not move water samples. Instead, it samples them from the tray position. This arrangement increases sampling reliability and operational efficiency.

What type of software does the autosampler use?

The Centurian WS runs on the Windows XPe platform. This platform supplies the autosampler with printing capability, network capability, a clear graphical display, and the opportunity for remote system access.


The purge and trap Centurion WS autosampler is a unique autosampler in its class, particularly for its mechanical reliability, analytical superiority, productivity, and ease of operation. Unlike many of its competitors, this autosampler offers liquid sample processing and solid sample processing in a single machine footprint, and its updated software platform meets the demands of the contemporary laboratory.

The answers above provide a general overview of some of the important specifications and operational aspects of the Centurion WS autosampler. To learn more about its performance, contact the manufacturer.

Source by James T. Rothery