If you are a proud and happy owner of a photo locket then you will need to place your photo and that of your loved one too inside that locket. Your gold locket or any other photo locket will only look complete once you have a perfectly sized photo or photos inside that eye-catching piece of oval art. Here are 4 steps that will make it very easy for you to place photos inside this tiny memory-filled closet.

You will first need to measure your photo locket. If you have a gold locket that is heart-shaped or is round or oval in shape then you will need to size and cut your photos accordingly. You will need to open your locket and measure the exact size where your photos will be framed. If your locket has plastic inserts then you will need to remove them by using small tweezers. One simple squeeze at the right place will pop open the inserts that will now have to be used as a frame to size up your photos.

If you have ready photos of yourself or any loved one that you want to immortalize within your photo locket then you can simply place the insert over the photo. You can choose what you want to include within the insert and once your decision is made then you should trace the outside of your insert over the photo. If, however you only have photos on your computer then you will need to print them out first. You can also crop or resize the photo before you print it out if you have adequate experience in using photo-editing software. You can now print out the photos and trace them to size, if required.

Once your photos have been traced then all you need to do is to use a sharp pair of scissors to cut them into oval shapes. Your gold locket might be made of 14, 18 or 24k gold but the photos that you place inside cannot be compared in terms of price. Once your photos are cut to the exact size of your oval locket inserts then you are ready to place them in your locket. You should insert the photos from one side into the space given for those photos. You will now need to place the insert that you had previously removed back in its original place.

Once your insert is placed over the photo then you will need to lock it back into its original position so that your photo is sandwiched securely between the body of the locket and the insert. Once your photo is snugly fitted below the insert then you can take your tweezers and press them to lock the insert back into its original place. If your oval locket has place for two photos then you simply need to use this process twice so that each photo is secured in the locket while the memories that these photos hold lies secure within your heart.

A gold locket offers you a chance to lock your memories for several decades in a stylish manner. If you opt for an engraved or encrusted oval locket then these simple steps will enable you to quickly and cleanly place photos in your photo locket within no time.


Source by Victoria H. Pickering