Whether you are just wanting to be in the best physical shape you can possibly be in or you are looking to develop explosive power to unleash in the octagon as a pro mixed martial artist you need to develop new high intensity MMA workouts that train your muscles, nerves and tendons in the right way.

Just hitting the gym and pumping weights or doing the same old routines in your martial arts classes is not enough. This will only bring you up to the same level as those you are training with. How many of your martial arts class mates or spotting partners at the gym are pro MMA fighters? Even if they all are you are still going to have to take your MMA workouts to the next level if you want to be the best and have a shot at a UFC title belt!

Developing truly explosive power is key to becoming a number one contender in the octagon or even just be being able defend yourself effectively in the street. You can build explosive power through a combination of plyometric exercises, martial arts drills and gym workouts. However not just any exercise or workout will do. You have to develop explosiveness. This means training the mind as well as the body you must be able to tap those adrenaline stores at will when you need them and have your muscle memory developed to elite highs that can fire off with instantaneous combos when you see an opening on your opponent.

In order to build the mental capability you need to explode on demand you need to incorporate specific drills into your MMA workouts to train yourself. This can be done with interval training when doing cardio. In the gym this is safest done when using cable machine or free weights in order to avoid injury and in martial arts training it can be developed by incorporating short sparring rounds of 1 to 2 minutes in which you go all out. However it is even better if you can dedicate one day a week to developing explosive power and incorporate all three aspects of your training. What you eat on these days is also crucial. Avoid large and heavy meals. Main meals should consist of almost 100% protein and be eaten right after workouts while snacks should consist of light energy foods like almonds, bananas and cucumbers.

Sample workout:

* 2 mile run using burst of all out sprinting alternated with fast walking.

* 15 minute plyometric warm up including jumping squats lunges and push ups.

* 15 minutes of heavy bag workout or sparring. 2 minute bursts of all out punches with 1 minute breaks.

* 20 minutes of resistance training either in the gym or at home with free weights. Include; pull ups, punches with weights including hammer fists and hooks, tricep extensions and dips.

Source by Todd Schankleighter