Runtime error 1012 is a Windows error caused by incorrect login settings for a program such as Microsoft Visual Basic. The error is distinctly attributed with Internet-enabled applications, which generally show the problem when they try and open the files that they require to run. If you're seeing Runtime Error 1012, there are a number of steps you can take to fix it, which will include re-installing any software that caused it, as well as making sure that Windows is able to process its settings correctly.

Runtime Error 1012 is generally caused by the way in which your computer will be unable to login to either an Internet server, or a file that Windows will be using to run. The problem will be caused when you try and use a program that's been designed in Visual Basic, or when you try and use Visual Basic itself – in that a component or piece of software the program will be using will be unable to properly process the files that it requires to run. If you want to fix this error, you must first ensure that the settings for the software that is causing the problems are okay, and then that your system is able to correctly read all the files that it needs to run.

To fix this error, you should first re-install any of the software that will be leading the errors to show. This can be done by first clicking onto “Start”, then selecting “Control Panel”. Once in control panel, you should then click onto “Add / Remove Programs” (XP), or “Uninstall A Program” (Windows 7), and then select the application that's causing the errors. This will then allow you to get rid of the program that's causing the errors, which will refresh its files & settings.

After that, you should then look to use an antivirus application to clean out any of the viruses that you may have on your system. There are a number of viruses which have been designed to directly target files & settings of Windows, which will then lead the likes of the 1012 error to form. To ensure this is not a problem that your PC may be facing, its' recommended you use a program like XoftSpy to get rid of any parts of the virus that may be operating on your system.

Finally, you will also want to look at using a registry cleaner program to fix any of the errors that your PC may have inside its “registry database”. This is a centralized storage facility for all the important files & settings that Windows computers will use to run, and is widely considered one of the most vital parts of any Windows system. Although not visible, the registry is continually working in the “background” of your system to help load up some of the most important settings, options and files that Windows will be using to run. One of the main causes of problems for Windows PCs will be the registry becoming corrupted & damaged – which leads many systems to show a large number of errors. To fix this, it's recommended you download and run a program such as Frontline Registry Cleaner – a leading registry repair tool to fix any of the errors that Windows may have.


Source by Joe Hilton