Have you heard of the BodyBot workout program developed by fitness expert Ryan Lee? It has become quite popular on the internet, but to be frank, I was really skeptical about this software at first. I did not think that the Body Bot was worth paying for, or that it would be useful at all.

Eventually, I did decide to purchase it since it claimed to be able to help me speed up my fat loss results, which was what I have always wanted to do. So is the BodyBot really worth the money?

1. What Exactly Is The BodyBot?

Having tried this workout program for over a week, I would say that it does provide many useful tools for people like me who are looking for fast and effective workouts. It is basically an online interface program that allows you to piece together a customized workout plan quickly.

The best part of the program is that all the exercises are highly effective. The creator Ryan Lee is a fitness expert who has been featured in many fitness magazines, and is well-known for the results of his short intensive exercises.

2. How Do You Use the BodyBot?

After you purchase the rights to the Body Bot, you will be provided a username and password for you to access the members' area, which you can do right away.

Once inside the BodyBot members' area, you will see an easy-to-use and interactive video workout creation program. The total time for the workout is 4 minutes, broken up into 8 smaller 20 second high intensity exercises. The rest of the time is for you to rest in between each exercise.

After you are done with creating the workout, you simply press “play” to begin exercising. You can also choose a tune to psyche yourself up in the process. Using the Body Bot has made me more disciplined when working out, as I tend to follow the program very closely.

Source by David Rees