For the past few years many people have devised free stock pick software stock trading robots. Many of which are illegal because in some way or another tamper with the system. Keep on reading if you want to learn about the first commercially available free stock pick software, developed by the creator of the Global Alpha Computer Stock Trading Model for Goldman Sachs and how to make huge profit from it.

Genius Michael Cohen who created the “Global Alpha” stock trading robot for Goldman Sachs which has made that company over $4,000,000.00 in profit, has recently launched “Marl”, a 100% legal, home made, stock trading robot. The reason why this funny named robot is legal (named after Michael and his partner Carl), is just because it gathers information, compiles it and analyzes trends or patterns based on complicated algorithms and then picks the most profitable stocks for you.

In short, it doesn't tamper with the system itself, it just analyzes it based on the information gathered over time (which accumulates) and then provides the user with the most profitable stock picks.

I won't go too deep into the robot; because the license for it costs around $28,000.00 USD. However, Michael and Carl have set up a newsletter which will provide you with the original Marl's top stock picks! To learn all about the son of the Global Alpha computer stock trading model, go now to this site: Free Stock Pick Software [http://freestockpicksoftware.blogspot.com].

Who needs experience in the stock market, when a robot can do everything for you!


Source by Daniel Molano