Hacking is the unauthorised access to or control over computer network security systems for some illicit purpose. Hacking needs total understanding of a computer security system.

A hacker can simply be said to be someone who can breach into a computer system and network because he can exploit and detect the weakness in that security system or network. Hacking really seems to be difficult for people and that's because they have no true understanding of Computer, but the really truth is that anyone can hack.


There are different ways to hack but the easiest way is to plant a virus in the targeted system, and this cam be done by sending the virus via an email. The virus will not be seen or noticed by the target.

Now this virus has been designed to send information from the targeted device (Computer or Phone)to the hacker.


A Virus is a malicious software that can replicate itself by modifying other computer programme and inserting its own code. There are different kind of Virus and the kind you need to hack is a SPYWARE

A SPYWARE is a software that aims to gather information about a person or organisation via their device(Computer or Phone) and sends back informations to the user via the internet.

Spyware are just simple written codes that acts like programme on a device( Computer or Phone).

SPYWARE are not superior to database security softwares but the spyware can be design to act like a programme which the security software might not sense to be a treat. These is the reason why anything can be hacked, all the hacker needs to do is find a loop hole in the security software.

The best way to prevent against hacks is to regularly check for change in your devices, as I said early, spyware are designed to act like a programme and these can cause a slight change in the device performance, the change will be noticeable but most a times people don't really notice it and these is what leads to a hack.

Another way to prevent hack is not to open an email from an unknown users, you never can tell who want to hack you, when they want to hack you, or why they want to hack you.

Hackers a times hack for fun, a times they hack because they are getting paid and most times for selfish interest.

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Source by Yeng Chan